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Sadao Watanabe California Shower (1978)
Sadao Watanabe\talto saxophone, sopranino, flute\nDave Grusin\tacoustic piano, Fender Rhodes piano\nLee Ritenour\telectric guitar, acoustic guitar\nChuck Rainey\telectric bass\nHarvey Mason\tdrums\nPaulinho Da Costa\tpercussion\nOscar Brashear\ttrumpet\nGeorge Buhanon\ttrombone\nErnie Watts\ttenor saxophone\n\nWith full string section\tErno Neufeld : Concert Master\n\nArranged by Dave Grusin except on "Desert Ride" and "Ngoma Party" by Sadao Watanabe\nRecorded in March, 1978 at Record Plant and Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, California\nExecutive Producer : Toshinari Koinuma\nProducer : Kiyoshi Itoh\nCo-producer : Yukio Morisaki YEAR: 1978
This jazz cd contains 7 tracks and runs 36min 50sec.
Freedb: 5d08a007


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  1. Sadao Watanabe - California Shower (05:34)
    (Sadao Watanabe)
  2. Sadao Watanabe - Duo-Creatics (06:55)
    (Dave Grusin)
  3. Sadao Watanabe - Desert Ride (05:23)
    (Gary McFarland)
  4. Sadao Watanabe - Seventh High (05:16)
    (Sadao Watanabe)
  5. Sadao Watanabe - Turning Pages of Wind (03:54)
    (Sadao Watanabe)
  6. Sadao Watanabe - Ngoma Party (04:49)
    (Sadao Watanabe)
  7. Sadao Watanabe - My Country (04:52)
    (Sadao Watanabe)

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