Lena Horne: We'll Be Together Again CD Track Listing

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Lena Horne We'll Be Together Again (1993)
Frank Owens, piano #1-5,7,9,13\nMike Renzi, piano, #6,8,10-12,14-16\nRodney Jones, acoustic & electric guitar\nAkira Tana, drums\nBenjamin F. Brown, acoustinc & electric bass\nBuddy Williams, drums #14\nTracy Wormworth, bass, #14\nEli Fountain, percussion\nHouston Person, Jr, tenor sax\nJerome Richardson, tenor sax #9\nJean (Toots) Theilemens, harmonica 3,9,11\nSanford Allen, violin #16\nJesse Levy, cello #7\nJohnny Mathis, guest vocalist #3 YEAR: 1994 ID3G: 8
This jazz cd contains 16 tracks and runs 58min 9sec.
Freedb: d80d9f10


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  1. Lena Horne - Maybe (02:45)
    Billy Strayhorn
  2. Lena Horne - Something to Live For (04:45)
    Duke Ellington- Billy Strayhorn
  3. Lena Horne - Day Follows Day (03:01)
    Shirley Cowell, George Orwell
  4. Lena Horne - Prelude to a Kiss (04:43)
    Duke Ellington-Irving Berlin-Irving Mills
  5. Lena Horne - Love Like this Can't Last (03:26)
    Billy Strayhorn
  6. Lena Horne - We'll Be Together Again (03:41)
    Carl Fischer-Frankie Lane
  7. Lena Horne - A Flower is a Lovesome Thing (02:40)
    Billy Strayhorn
  8. Lena Horne - Old Friend (02:52)
    Stephen Sondheim
  9. Lena Horne - You're the One (03:47)
    Billy Strayhorn
  10. Lena Horne - Havin' Myself a Time (02:59)
    Ralph Rainger-Leo Robin
  11. Lena Horne - My Mood is You (03:08)
    Carl Sigman
  12. Lena Horne - I'll Always Leave yhe Door a Little Open (03:38)
    Johnny Mandel-Richard Bennet
  13. Lena Horne - Do Nothing 'til You Hear From Me (04:37)
    Duke Ellington-Sidney Russell
  14. Lena Horne - Forever Was a Day (04:41)
    Mike Renzi- Rodney Jones
  15. Lena Horne - I've Got yo Have You (04:20)
    Kris Kristofferson
  16. Lena Horne - My Buddy (02:57)
    Walter Donaldson-Gus Kahn

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