Stephen Briggs: Terry Pratchett- The Wee Free Men Disc 4 CD Track Listing

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Stephen Briggs Terry Pratchett- The Wee Free Men Disc 4 (2005)
This folk cd contains 6 tracks and runs 59min 22sec.
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  1. Stephen Briggs - Chapter 7: First sight and second thoughts (12:22)
  2. Stephen Briggs - Kelda sagged. She beckoned Tiffany closer (09:55)
  3. Stephen Briggs - And Tiffany had sat by the narrow bed (09:54)
  4. Stephen Briggs - It took some time to get him out (12:15)
  5. Stephen Briggs - Rob Anybodys's terror turned to outright panic (07:21)
  6. Stephen Briggs - Tiffany was aware that the Nac Mac Feegle were turning up (07:30)

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