Shoko Hikage: Sakura Nippon CD Track Listing

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Shoko Hikage Sakura Nippon (2005)
This work, Sakura Nippon (the cherry blossom of Japan) is based on different periods of Japanese history. The Japanese feel a special attachment to the sakura, an the song of sakura has been popular over the ages. Japan has a long history and tradition that includes not only great stories, tales, and heroes, but also painful stories, tragic heroes and heroines.\n\nRecorded by Tim Zebal at Polk Street Recording, San Francisco. Mixed and mastered by Tim Zebal. All compositions and arrangement by Shoko Hikage. With Hideji Matsumoto, percussion.
This folk cd contains 9 tracks and runs 66min 15sec.
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  1. Shoko Hikage - Hotaru (firefly) (15:35)
  2. Shoko Hikage - Uguisu (Japanese nightingale) (05:27)
  3. Shoko Hikage - Shika (deer) (04:18)
  4. Shoko Hikage - Okami (wolf) (06:07)
  5. Shoko Hikage - Hototogisu (chicken) (04:48)
  6. Shoko Hikage - Shishi (lion) (05:28)
  7. Shoko Hikage - Tora (tiger) (05:23)
  8. Shoko Hikage - Hato (dove) (09:59)
  9. Shoko Hikage - Warabe (children) (09:04)

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