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Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker: Earth, A Day in the Life of a Planet CD Track Listing

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Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker Earth, A Day in the Life of a Planet
Earth, A Day in the Life of a Planet\nNature Recordings "Quiet Places Collection"\nNature Recordist: Gordon Hempton - The Sound Tracker\n\nDigitally recorded on location in Binaural Stereo\nPost-Production: Albert Swanson, Seattle, WA\nExecutive Producer: Richard Hooper\nAssociate Producer: Sharon Hooper\nGraphic Design: Laura Eagan\nCover Photography: Art Wolfe (Evergreens)\nand Jerry Derbyshire (Grand Canyon)\n\nEarth is a compilation or excerpts from the "Quiet Ploces Collection" of five additionol recordings.\n\nNature Recordings:\nProduced and Distributed by World Dise Productions\nP.O. Box 2749, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 (206) 378 -3979\n1992 World Disc Productions. All rights reserved.
This data cd contains 24 tracks and runs 59min 35sec.
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  1. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Devil Dance (01:40)
    DEVIL DANCE in the relative silence al the Australian Outback with chants and the measure of time using sticks; all are warned of the dangers which lurk in the bush.\n
  2. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Cutback Wildfire (01:25)
    OUTBACK WILDFIRE snaps and hisses as thousands of acres of tropical hardwoods and grasses burn away the old, making way for the new.\n
  3. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Dawn Across the Outback (02:18)
    DAWN ACROSS the OUTBACK is the moment of onset when the sun lies exactly six degrees below the Eastern horizon. Hear the wallabies moving about in the dry leaves.\n
  4. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Songbird Solo (03:19)
    SONGBIRD SOLO is the performance of passion of a Willie Wagtail who sings for its mate.\n
  5. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Domaine of the Sea Eagle (04:06)
    In DOMAIN of the SEA EAGLE listen carefully for the bubbling sounds of crocodiles. The Magpie Goose, because of the danger of crocodiles, perches in the treetops. It is as difficult for these huge birds to land on a branch as it is for a Boeing 747 to lan
  6. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Pacific Surf, Hawaii (02:21)
    Next, we leave Australia for Hawaii in PACIFIC SURF. Huge ocean swells roll onto a boulder beach at high tide.\n
  7. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Northwest Rain (00:48)
    The hydrologic cycle is developed further in the transition to North America, with the fall of rain in NORTHWEST RAIN.\n
  8. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Ancient Forest (02:11)
    The rain dissolves to the ANCIENT FOREST that it nurtures, in this case a 4,000 year old forest of huge cedar trees. Among other birds, we hear the Winter Wren and the Pileated Woodpeckers reverberate in this original cathedral.\n
  9. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Thunder Cloud (02:13)
    Then, THUNDER CLOUD begins with the careful balance between thundering sky and crickets.\n
  10. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Winds Across a Continent (01:15)
    The wind becomes WINDS ACROSS a CONTINENT.\n
  11. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Aspen Grove (02:50)
    The wind reaches an ASPEN GROVE on the side of a mountain.\n
  12. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Amazon Rain Forest (03:40)
    South America is represented by AMAZON RAIN FOREST and the great diversity of life whose antiquity allows for established rhythms.\n
  13. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Rhythm Rain (03:16)
    In RHYTHM RAIN we hear the sound around us.\n
  14. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Tropical Stream (03:39)
    TROPICAL STREAM drains the water from the soundstage.\n
  15. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Spanish Pine Wind (01:28)
    SPANISH PINE WIND represents Europe where we find the evening breeze very relaxing.\n
  16. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Desert Solitude at Bushman Fountain (00:37)
    A wonderful transition to DESERT SOLITUDE at BUSHMAN FOUNTAIN and the impulse calls of lizards at Bushman's Fountain.\n
  17. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Dry Wind (01:00)
    This overtaken by the very DRY WIND.\n
  18. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Insect Solo (02:34)
    INSECT SOLO where the ear piercing sound of an insect actually changes pitch with the "life promising`~ flashes of lightning.\n
  19. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Desert Thunder (01:48)
    DESERT THUNDER delivers hardly more than a cupful of water to the dry earth; the rains of the Kalahari often evaporate before hitting the ground. But life in this harsh environment has adapted to this treatment and somehow manages to survive. If the Kalah
  20. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Misty Isle (05:13)
    MISTY ISLE is a collection of wood frogs in the cloud forest.\n
  21. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Asleep (03:42)
    ASLEEP is taken from the interior Sinharaja Rain Forest, a World Heritage location of the United Nations.\n
  22. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Twilight (03:39)
    TWILIGHT is also taken from the interior Sinharaja Rain Forest, a World Heritage location of the United Nations.\n
  23. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Return to Point of Origin (01:14)
    We have circled the globe when we reach RETURN to the POINT of ORIGIN.\n
  24. Gordon Hempton, Sound Tracker - Earth Native by Stuart Dempster (03:07)
    We conclude with composer/performer Stuart Dempster's EARTH NATIVE as he plays the didgeridoo, an ancient instrument of the Australian Aborigine.\n

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