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Chakachas: Jungle Fever CD Track Listing

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Chakachas Jungle Fever (1970)
A tripped-out Latin Classic from the 70s -- a huge global hit for the Belgian group Chakachas. Jungle Fever is probably best remembered for its oft-sampled title hit -- a mad bit of funk with pounding drums, heavy breaks, and some of the sexiest mutterings ever set to wax. But the rest of the album is equally great too, and offers a slightly different take on Latin music than you might get from a US group at the time. Rhythms are bold, horn parts are odd, and the vocals sometimes come across more like an instrument than a singer -- snapped in the groove with a real sense of tightness that goes way beyond language. Euro fund maestro Nico Gomez penned a few tunes for the set -- and the album's an instant party from the get-go!
This data cd contains 11 tracks and runs 35min 20sec.
Freedb: 9308460b


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  1. Chakachas - Chica Chica Bau Bau (03:46)
  2. Chakachas - Un Rayo Del Sol (02:49)
  3. Chakachas - Cha Ka Cha (02:21)
  4. Chakachas - Latin Can Can (03:58)
  5. Chakachas - Yo Soy Cubano (02:43)
  6. Chakachas - Eso Es El Amor (02:50)
  7. Chakachas - Harlem Noturne (03:31)
  8. Chakachas - Ay Mulata (03:05)
  9. Chakachas - El Canyon Rojo (02:34)
  10. Chakachas - El Rico Son (03:13)
  11. Chakachas - Jungle Fever (04:22)

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