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Yes: 90125 CD Track Listing

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Yes 90125 (1983)
Performers\nJon Anderson : Vocals\nTony Kaye : Keyboards\nTrevor Rabin : Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals\nChris Squire : Bass, Guitar (Bass), Vocals\nAlan White : Drums, Percussion, Vocals\n\nProduction Credits\nStuart Bruce : Engineer\nKeith Finney : Assistant Engineer\nTrevor Horn : Producer\nJohnathon J. Jeczalik : Keyboard Programming\nGary Langan : Engineer\nDave Lawson : Keyboard Programming\nGarry Mouat : Producer\nYes : Main Performer, Producer YEAR: 1983 ID3G: 92
This data cd contains 9 tracks and runs 44min 45sec.
Freedb: 7d0a7e09


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  1. Yes - Owner Of A Lonely Heart (04:29)
    Move yourself\nYou always live your life\nNever thinking of the future\nProve yourself\nYou are the move you make\nTake your chances win or loser\n\nSee yourself\nYou are the steps you take\nYou and you - and that's theonly way\n\nShake - shake yourself\n
  2. Yes - Hold On (05:17)
    Justice to the left of you\nJustice to the right\nSpeak when you are spoken to\nDon't pretend you're right\nThis life's not for living\nIt's for fighting and for war\nNo matter what the truth is\nHold on to what is yours\n\nJigsaw puzzle traitors\nSet to
  3. Yes - It Can Happen (05:29)
    You can fool yourself\nYou can cheat until you're blind\nYou can cut yourheart\nIt can happen\n\nYou can mend the wires\nYou can feed the soul apart\nYou reach\nIt can happen to you\nIt can happen to me\nIt can happento everyone eventually\n\nIt's a const
  4. Yes - Changes (06:19)
    I'm moving through some changes\nI'll never be the same\nSomething you did touched me\nThere's no one else to blame\n\nThe love we had has fallen\nThe love we used to share\nWe've given up pretending\nAs if you didn't care\n\nChange changing places\nRoot
  5. Yes - Cinema (02:06)
  6. Yes - Leave It (04:13)
    I can feel no sense of measure\nNo illusions as we take\nRefuge in youngman's pleasure\nBreaking down the dreams we make\nReal\n\nOne donw one togo\nAnother town and one more show\nDowntown they're giving away\nBut she never came back\n\nNo phone can take
  7. Yes - Our Song (04:18)
    Toledo was just another good stop\nAlong the good king's highway\nMy fortification took me by surprise\nAnd hit me sending me sideways\nSpellbound- Roundly - Good for sunshine\nCan't help thinking\n\nSinging the Rule Britannia\nAnd this is where it grabs
  8. Yes - City Of Love (04:52)
    City of love City of love City of love\n\nOnce bitten twice shy\nNo - Noregrets at all\nJustice - Body smooth take over\nGood girls they work thecity\nGood guys they spike you hard\nHow they jive ad jingle\nWhen you're in their backyard\n\nStreet corner w
  9. Yes - Hearts (07:34)
    Hearing - Talking - Yes I - Love you\n\nSet your heart sail on the river\nLook around you as you drift downstreamHearing\nPouring souls into the oceanTalking\nTake account of all you've seenLove you\n\nOne people - Together\nFreedom for today\nSo easy the

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