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Twin Sisters: Softly We SIng CD Track Listing

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Twin Sisters Softly We SIng (1999)
\n (HTML version in README.html)\n\n Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 r0 "Woody" - Official Source-3 CD \n\n\n\n CONTENTS:\n\n * Intro\n * About ThisCD\n* Installing\n * Upgrading\n * Last-Minute Notes\n* Non-free/Non-US\n * CD Manufacturers\n * More Information\n\n\nWelcome to the exciting world of \nDebian GNU/Linux! \n\nIntro\n=====\n\nThis is one of the CD-ROMs of the Debian GNU/Linux distribution.\n Debian is a very extensive collection of software. Butit is more. It\n is a complete Operating System (OS) for your computer. And it is free\n (as in "freedom").\n\n An operating system isthe set of basic programs and utilities that\n make your computer run. At the core of an operating system is the\n kernel. The kernel is the most fundamental program on the computer,\nwhich does all the basic housekeeping and lets you start other\nprograms. Debian is kernelindependent. It currently uses theLinux\n kernel but work is in progress to provide Debian for other kernels,\n using the Hurd. Most ofthe basic operating system tools come from the\n GNU project; hencethe name GNU/Linux.\n\n Debian is available for various kinds of computers ("architectures"),\n like "IBM-compatible" PCs (i386), Compaq's Alpha,Motorola's 680x0\n (m68k), Sun's Sparc, Motorola/IBM's PowerPC, and (Strong)ARM\n processors. Check the ports page (http://www.debian.org/ports) for\n more information.\n\n Read more at\n\nhttp://www.debian.org/intro/about\n\n\nAbout This CD\n=============\n\nThis CD-ROM is labeled\n\n Debian GNU/Linux 3.0 r0 "Woody" - Official Source-3\n\n which means that this CD is number3 of totally 7 CDs containing the\n source code of programs inthe Debian OS.\n\n The source packages on the Source CDs are ordered by popularity, like\nthe programs on the Binary CDs. Thismeans that the source code of the\n programs on the Binary-3 CD can most likely be found on this CD\n (though there may be some variation due to size issues).\n\n\nInstalling\n==========\n\n The installation tools of the Debian Operating System are locatedon\n the Binary-1 CD. See the README on that CDfor more info.\n\n\nUpgrading\n=========\n\n Procedures describing the upgrade froman older version of the Debian\n Operating System arealso located on the Binary-1 CD. See the README\n on that CD for more info.\n\n\nLast-Minute Notes\n=================\n\n * You should keep in mind that this is an unofficial CD of the\n current development version of the Debian system. This means that\nall sorts ofbugs may be present anywhere in the system.\n\n\n\nNon-free and Non-US\n===================\n\n The package sections `non-free' and `non-US' contain packages that\n either have a restrictive license, or can't be exported from the US\n (like `pgp'or `ssh'). It may well be that this CD does not contain\n (allof) these packages. You can get them from our FTP/HTTP mirror\nsites.\n\n `Non-free' packages are on our "regular" mirrors, listed in\n README.mirrors.html on this CD, oron\n http://www.debian.org/distrib/ftplist ("Full list of mirrors").\n\n `Non-US' packages are on special mirrors outside the US, listed in\n README.non-US on this CD, or on\n http://www.debian.org/misc/README.non-US.\n\n Note that you are allowed to import non-US packages into the US.\n\n\nCD Manufacturers\n================\n\n You arecompletely free to manufacture and (re-)distribute CD-ROMs of\nthe Debian GNU/Linux Operating System, like this one. There isno\n chargefrom us (but of course donations are always welcome).\n\n For all needed information, and contact addresses, please refer to\n\n http://cdimage.debian.org\n\n\nMore Information\n================\n\n TheBinary-1 CD contains much more information about various aspects\nof the Debian Operating System and the Debian organization. See the\nREADME on that CD for more info.\n\n Also on the Internet are manyresources. To name a few:\n\n* htt
This data cd contains 24 tracks and runs 62min 43sec.
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  1. Twin Sisters - All The Pretty Little Horses (02:54)
  2. Twin Sisters - Rock-A-Bye Baby (02:46)
  3. Twin Sisters - Brahm's Lullaby (02:20)
  4. Twin Sisters - Golden Slumbers (02:08)
  5. Twin Sisters - Go To Sleep (03:19)
  6. Twin Sisters - Hush, Little Baby (02:21)
  7. Twin Sisters - Dance To Your Daddy (02:09)
  8. Twin Sisters - All Through The Night (03:08)
  9. Twin Sisters - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (02:02)
  10. Twin Sisters - Sou Gan (02:45)
  11. Twin Sisters - Now The Day Is Over (02:15)
  12. Twin Sisters - Sleep, Baby Sleep (03:07)
  13. Twin Sisters - All The Pretty Little Horses (02:54)
  14. Twin Sisters - Rock-A-Bye Baby (02:48)
  15. Twin Sisters - Brahm's Lullaby (02:20)
  16. Twin Sisters - Golden Slumbers (02:08)
  17. Twin Sisters - Go To Sleep (03:19)
  18. Twin Sisters - Hush, Little Baby (02:21)
  19. Twin Sisters - Dance To Your Daddy (02:09)
  20. Twin Sisters - All Through The Night (03:07)
  21. Twin Sisters - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (02:02)
  22. Twin Sisters - Sou Gan (02:45)
  23. Twin Sisters - Now The Day Is Over (02:15)
  24. Twin Sisters - Sleep, Baby Sleep (03:06)

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