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Benny Goodman: Banny Goodman and Great Vocalists Of Our Time CD Track Listing

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Benny Goodman Banny Goodman and Great Vocalists Of Our Time (2005)
This data cd contains 10 tracks and runs 28min 49sec.
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  1. Benny Goodman - Goodnight My Love (Ella Fitzgerald) (03:12)
  2. Benny Goodman - The Lady's In Love With You (Martha Tilton) (03:03)
  3. Benny Goodman - I Sent For You Yesterday and Here You Come Today (Johnny Mercer) (03:07)
  4. Benny Goodman - (You've Got Me In Between) The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Helen Ward) (02:48)
  5. Benny Goodman - I'm Livin' In A Great Big Way (Buddy Clark) (02:35)
  6. Benny Goodman - Did Ja Mean It (Hope You Did - 'Cause So Did I) (Ella Fitzgerald) (02:25)
  7. Benny Goodman - Thanks For The Memory (Martha Tilton) (03:16)
  8. Benny Goodman - There's A Small Hotel (Helen Ward) (02:32)
  9. Benny Goodman - He Aint Got Rhythm (Jimmie Rushing) (02:48)
  10. Benny Goodman - Cuckoo In The Clock (Johnny Mercer) (02:56)

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