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Boney M.: Take The Heat Off Me CD Track Listing

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Boney M. Take The Heat Off Me (1976)
I was turned onto this group by of all people, my grandmother! When I went to Germany in '78, she bought me a few records that were popular in Germany at that time, this was one of them. I warmed up to it instantilly. "Daddy Cool" and the Bob Marley cover, "No Woman No Cry" became quick favorites. This was one very cool band and this is one very cool album.\n\n
This data cd contains 8 tracks and runs 36min 12sec.
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  1. Boney M. - Daddy Cool (03:29)
    Boney M.
  2. Boney M. - Take The Heat Off Me (04:47)
    Boney M.
  3. Boney M. - Sunny (04:03)
    Boney M.
  4. Boney M. - Baby Do You Wanna Bump (06:53)
    Boney M.
  5. Boney M. - No Woman No Cry (04:59)
    Boney M.
  6. Boney M. - Fever (04:00)
    Boney M.
  7. Boney M. - Got A Man On My Mind (03:25)
    Boney M.
  8. Boney M. - Lovin' Or Leavin' (04:29)
    Boney M.

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