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12 Volt Sex: Stereo Quatro CD Track Listing

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12 Volt Sex Stereo Quatro (2000)
YEAR: 2000 ID3G: 254
This data cd contains 11 tracks and runs 36min 0sec.
Freedb: 99086e0b


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  1. 12 Volt Sex - Hook It Up (03:09)
    Every time I give a little bit\nSeems you wanna take a lot of it\nI'm just wishing I'd get through to you\nNow won't you tell me what you wannado\n\nCuz I can't go on like this no more\nYou come walking through my door\n\nHey, you wanna hook it up\nYou ne
  2. 12 Volt Sex - Envy (02:56)
    And I wanted to be\nSo much better than this\nAnd I want you to know\nThat I envy your place\nYeah I envy your space\nYeah I envy your place\nYeah I envy your space\n& I wanted your face\n\nAnd I have seen the placethat you're comin' from\nI tell myself t
  3. 12 Volt Sex - Breathe (03:09)
    You would do it with anyone\nAnd not even care less\nYou would keep it from everyone\nSaving every breath\n\nTaking it all the way\nTaking it all the way\nTaking it all the way\n\nI couldn't Breathe\nI couldn't Breathe\nI couldn't Breathe\nI couldn't Brea
  4. 12 Volt Sex - Come Around (04:00)
    Thought it nickel plated\nSeveral edges jaded\nFade from black & white\nColorful insight, yeah\n\nWhen it's up and ready\nThings are going steady\nGonna make my move\nFlip my sonic groove\n\nEase my battle, won't you let me \nCome around\nCancer infected,
  5. 12 Volt Sex - Over Divine (03:26)
    Trace me only up the back of my spine\nWhere I dwell\nDrown myself withpaper cuts\nOh well\n\nI guess I'm hopin' to find\nSomething Over Divine\nI guess I'm hopin' to find \nSomething Over Divine\n\nFeels like something's taking all of my will from me\nCa
  6. 12 Volt Sex - Skin (05:25)
    Stand beside me\nMeasure me by my thoughts and nothing else\nTestified I\nI don't know why but \nMakes a social disaster...\n\nWhen I feel thatweight upon my shoulder\nMakes my first impression cold cuz I know\nYesIknow, yes I know, yes I know that. . .\n
  7. 12 Volt Sex - Helmet (04:17)
    Hey, come on, they said catch up \nWith us your slacking way behind\nHind, beyond, recessing all \nThe steps and time of everyone\nI can't finish what I start\nI face another day\nSomeone said I'm not that smart\nItwon't get in my way...\n\nI'm a dream in
  8. 12 Volt Sex - Abduction (03:31)
    I've been waiting all my life\nFor the grays to show some sign\nThat they are coming back for me\nTo take me with them\nWhen they crash into myhouse\nI will lose all of my doubts\nWhen they come into my room\nI willgreet them\n\nCuz I've been waiting all
  9. 12 Volt Sex - Interlude (00:29)
  10. 12 Volt Sex - City Song (02:55)
    If you wanna see me do it\nWon't you come and help me through it\nNeversaid I wanna do it on my own\n\nStuck this city for 15 years \nAnd I still can't call it home\nHit the stage in a fitful rage \nJust to claim something my own\n\nSaid If you wanna see
  11. 12 Volt Sex - This Is It (02:36)
    Eddie's got a walking stick\nBut he doesn't move too fast\n& every time he goes outside \nHe's takin' a ride with me\n\nJonny's got a rockin'chair \n& all of his hair, I swear\nAnd reading is his favorite way\nTospend his time, all day\n\nHey, this is it,

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