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Mach Tiver: The Means of Escape CD Track Listing

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Mach Tiver The Means of Escape
A drum kit and bass player duo. Very good, full sound. Political esque hardcore punk rock. very good. yay and woo.
This data cd contains 7 tracks and runs 26min 54sec.
Freedb: 5d064c07


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  1. Mach Tiver - just like skid row said, we are all slaves to the grind (02:46)
  2. Mach Tiver - he writes in binary (04:57)
  3. Mach Tiver - that's what us poor kids do, join the service and build bombs (01:42)
  4. Mach Tiver - shaky tables (03:30)
  5. Mach Tiver - dungeons and dragons ruined my life (02:25)
  6. Mach Tiver - you don't tell your friends... (03:02)
  7. Mach Tiver - canker (08:28)

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