Sheryl Crow: Tomorrow Never Dies (Maxi) CD Track Listing

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Sheryl Crow Tomorrow Never Dies (Maxi) (1997)
YEAR: 1997
This data cd contains 4 tracks and runs 18min 54sec.
Freedb: 29046c04


: Music



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  1. Sheryl Crow - Tomorrow Never Dies (LP Version) (04:52)
    Darling, I'm killed.\nI'm in a puddle on the floor\nWaiting foryou toreturn.\nOh what a thrill,\nFascination's galore.\nHow you tease, howyou leave me to burn,\n\nIt's so deadly my dear\nThepower of havingyou near.\nUntil that day,\nUntil the world falls
  2. Sheryl Crow - The Book (LP Version) (04:36)
    I read your book\nAnd I find it strange\nThat I know that girl and I know her world\nA little too well\nAnd I didn't know\nBy giving my hand\nThat I would be written down, sliced around, \npassed down\nAmong strangers' hands\n\n\nThree days in Rome\nWhere
  3. Sheryl Crow - No One Said It Would Be Easy (LP Version) (05:31)
    It's obvious the trouble we're in\nWhen your father pulls up ina Mercedes Benz\nHe says he just happened to be in the \nneighborhood\nBut before he leaves he slips in the landlord \nthe rent\n\nYou say,"it's just a question of eliminating \nobstacles "\nA
  4. Sheryl Crow - Ordinary Morning (LP Version) (03:51)
    I left a man\nAsleep in the nude\nMy name in my pocket\nWith lipstickand rouge\nEverything I ever wanted,\nWhat a lovely pie you've baked,\nIsan ordinary morning\nIt's just an ordinary day\nAnd I'm just an ordinary woman\nSlipping away\n\nThe walls have b

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