Verbal Advantage: CD 7 - Level 3 CD Track Listing

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Verbal Advantage CD 7 - Level 3 (1999)
This data cd contains 12 tracks and runs 36min 43sec.
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  1. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - ADROIT (03:32)
    Skillful, clever, dexterous; specifically, showing skill in using one's hands or in using one's brains.\nSynonyms: deft, resourceful, ingenious, artful adept.\nAntonyms: awkward, clumsy inept, maladroit (mal-uh-DROYT).\nEtymology tips and related words: A
  2. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - PLATITUDE (01:57)
    A flat, dull, ordinary, remark, a trite statement or hackneyed saying, expecially one uttered as if it were original or profund.\nSynonyms: cliche, truism, bromide (BROH-myd)\nEtymology: Platitude comes from the French word for flat, and means literally "
  3. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - FASTIDIOUS (04:28)
    (1) Extremely delicate, sensitive, or particular, especially in matters of taste or behavior.\nSynonyms: dainty, fussy, finicky, overnice.\n(2) Hard to please, extremely picky or demanding, exacting, critical to a fault.\nEtymology and usage: Fastiduous d
  4. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - VENDETTA (02:01)
    A bitter, protracted feud or rivalry.\nEtymology: Vendetta comes through Italian from the Latin vindicata, revenge, or vengeance.\nRelated word: vindictive, vengeful, seeking revenge.\nUsage: Vendetta refers specifically to the violent tradition of freven
  5. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - LUCID (01:46)
    (1) Clear, easy to see or understand, plainly expressed.\n(2) Clear of mind, mentally sounds, rational, sane.\nSynonyms: (sense 1) intelligle, comprehensible, limpid, perspicuous (pur-SPIK-yoo-us).\nAntonyms: murky, obscure, befuddled, nebulous, ambiguous
  6. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - SALIENT (01:28)
    Comspicuous, noticeable, prominent; sticking or jutting out.\nSynonyms: protuding, manifest, obtrusive, protuberent.\nAntonyms: inconspicuous, unassuming, unobtrusive, indiscernible, unostentatious.\nEtymology and usage: Salient comes from the Latin verb
  7. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - CATEGORICAL (02:12)
    Absolute, unqualified, explicit; without exceptions, conditions, or qualifications.\nAntonyms: ambiguous, doubtful, dubious, indefinite, enigmatic, equivocal.\nUsage: Categorical refers to statements or assertions that are absolute, unqualified, direct an
  8. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - INSCRUTABLE (02:34)
    Incomprehensible, unfathomable, extremely difficult to understand, not open to investigation or analysis.\nSynonyms: mysterious, impenetrable, esoteric, arcane (ar-KAYN).\nAntonyms: lucid, perspicuous\nEtymology: Inscrutable combines the negative prefix i
  9. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - CONSTRUE (01:29)
    To interpret, explain the meaning or intention of.\nRelated words: construct, construction.\nEtymology: By derivation, the verb to construe means to put a particular construction on something, to interpret it, explain its underlying meaning or intention.
  10. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - ALLUDE (01:46)
    To refer to something indirectly, make a causual reference.\nSynonyms: suggest, hint, insinuate, intimate (IN-ti-mayt).\nAntonyms: indicate, specify, detail, enumerate.\nCorresponding noun: allusion, an indirect, casual, or passing reference.
  11. Verbal Advantage - Level 3 - Review 5 (03:49)
  12. Verbal Advantage - Words into Action (09:32)

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