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B.B. King: 1997 - Deuces Wild (Disc 2) A Conversation CD Track Listing

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B.B. King 1997 - Deuces Wild (Disc 2) A Conversation (1997)
This data cd contains 4 tracks and runs 20min 50sec.
Freedb: 1f04e004


: Music



  1. B.B. King - Making The New Album Deuces Wild (03:42)
  2. B.B. King - The Ambassador Of The Blues On The Young Upstarts And Stevie Ray Vaughan (03:35)
  3. B.B. King - B.B.'s Musical Roots Growing Up As B.B. King, The Beale Street Blues Boy Tells Us About Lucille, Living In Las Vegas, Mr. King On Marriage (10:43)
  4. B.B. King - A Life In The Blues Searching For That Sound (02:45)

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