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The Doors The Very Best Of The Doors - Disc 2 of 2 (2007)
The Very Best Of The Doors - Disc 2 of 2\n2007 Rhino/Elektra Records, Inc.\n\nOriginally Released in UK March 26, 2007\nOriginally Released in USA September 25, 2007\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Rhino U.K.'s 2007 release The Very Best of the Doors is very similar to Rhino U.S.'s 2001 release The Very Best of the Doors -- and the 2007 comp is also available as a single disc and as a double-disc set, as well as a limited edition that adds a DVD to the two-CD version, so it's very easy to get all three compilations confused. That said, there are notable differences between all three U.K. comps and the original U.S. set. The American disc weighs in at 16 tracks while the single-disc U.K. set is longer at 20 tracks and, in fact, boasts a stronger overall selection of songs, making this arguably the best single-disc introduction to the band yet assembled. The double-disc U.K. set doesn't just add a second disc, it has a different sequencing as well and consequently feels like a very different beast than the original set. It's a compilation that digs deeper into album tracks and radio favorites, sometimes getting songs that maybe should have been on the U.K. single disc -- such as "Five to One," for instance, a Doors standard that's on the U.S. single disc but not the U.K. -- but its real strength is how it paints a richer portrait of the band. It's for the listener who wants a bigger picture of the Doors without investing in the actual albums or a box set and, in that sense, this Very Best of the Doors (along with the version with the DVD) does its job well. So, choose wisely: if you're looking for an introduction or just the hits, take either of the 2001 or 2007 single discs; if you're looking for most of the best, pick the double-disc set, either with or without the DVD; if you know you love the band already, go for Perception. -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine\n\ Product Description\n2007 Digitally Remastered Limited Edition Anthology of the 2007 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Honorees. Each of the 34 Audio Tracks in this Collection was Remixed and Remastered in 2006 for Re-release, Produced by Bruce Botnick and the Surviving Members of the Band. The Set also Includes a 60 Minute Dvd, "Live in Europe 68" that was Filmed During their European Tour that Year as the Band Swept Through London, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. The Band's Best Performances from that Historic Tour Make Up the Content of the Dvd (Ntsc/Region 0). The Dvd Sized Package Will Be Foil Stamped and Include a 32 Page Booklet with Rare Photos, Extended Liner Notes and Lyrics! Limited and Highly Collectable! \n\ Product Description\nRhino's celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Doors spectacular 1967 debut continues to break on through with an unprecedented two-disc, career-spanning collection that spotlights the legendary band's powerful mix of music and mysticism. The most comprehensive 2-CD Doors set ever compiled, the anthology presents dramatic new 40 Anniversary mixes by the remaining Doors and Bruce Botnick, the band's original engineer and producer. Drawing essential hits and favorites from all six studio album recorded by Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Jim Morrison, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger, and John Densmore, the title also features several songs previously unavailable on any U.S. compilation as well as choice rarities from various sources. \n\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nRedundant, pointless. LEGACY was just released in 2004, why do we need another best of? To show off the new remixes?? Pah!, October 12, 2007 \nBy Mike London "MAC" (Oxford, UK)\nThe Doors only had six albums. That's it. Then Morrison died. Then they did two more studio albums (OTHER VOICES and FULL CIRCLE). But when it comes to anthologies and best-of releases those two albums are ignored anyway. Most of the people interested in The Doors is interested in Morrison, which is sad as the other three band members were good musicians (can't remember their names though. Oh well. j/k) \n\nAnyway when you have only six albums, your releases can get kind of numbered. So the Manzarek, Densmore, and Krieger release THE VERY BEST OF THE DOORS, which features remixed music drawn from their updated catalogue. In 2007, in celebration of their 40 years (even though they only recorded and were active for about 8 of those forty years), The Doors reissued and remixed all of their albums, and it is from the remixed albums this selection is drawn from. If you have an issue with the remix find a previous release (though to the average bear they aren't THAT different). \n\nWhile this does feature the newly remastered, remixed songs, VERY BEST OF THE DOORS, ultimately, is redundant. Not Who redundant, but still redundant. The Who are notorious for issuing dozens of best ofs, and The Doors are headed down the same road. \n\nThey've already released THE LEGACY in 2004, which was supposed to be the definitive compilation (I have a couple of quibbles with the LEGACY's track selection, but most hard core fans do have quibbles with best ofs). Course Ray included the studio version of Celebration of the Lizard as a bonus track on LEGACY, to lure the fans who really had no need to buy the album because of this long lost cut, even though in all the books I've read the tapes were supposed to be lost. Convenient how they managed to find those tapes. \n\nSo what exactly is the point of this? I guess to show off the new remixing job. While I like this track selection better than the LEGACY, the LEGACY was in chronological order. But really, there's not much to recommend either one, though I resent how LEGACY was self-styled as the definitive compilation (even though it really wasn't), only to be supplanted a mere three years later with this album. \n\nUltimately this is little more than a ploy to get us to buy the same music we've had for years. For new listeners, VERY BEST OF certainly is a good place to start. But the regular studio albums are better, and as The Doors only have six their record company will acknowledge (good look finding OTHER VOICES and FULL CIRCLE legitimately, I had to get mine off ebay), the albums won't be that big a dent on your pocket. \n\nOr find them on the Internet. \n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nGood grief, this is EPIC, October 12, 2007 \nBy Dazedcat (Earth)\nI guess it depends on your point of view regarding the mixes found on this collection. If you're like me who's actually listened to the Doors for these past forty years, then you'll probably welcome these "new" versions with open arms. If you're a younger person who missed it the first (or second) time around and are more into "audiophile" integrity of the band, then I would suggest you pass on this or the individual albums that have all been re-released. \n\nLife is way too short to worry about such nonsense. This is a very inexpensive expansive collection of tunes by one of the best bands to ever grace a stage. \n\nTake a deep breath, make the purchase.....and enjoy yourself. \n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nthese mixes SUCK! all drums NO Morrison...., October 1, 2007 \nBy Richardson "JrJ" (Sunny California USA)\nI am wondering who let John Densmore mix these tracks? Morrison's vocals are almost left off...they are so reduced in this new mix...just horrible.. \nand the drums are now the lead instrument...just awful. A wonderful selection of tracks...reMASTERING would be great but reMixed? WHY? and if so..why didn't anybody mention that Jim's voice was the defining instrument of the band...when he did the band. Don't get me wrong I admire Robby and Ray...but without Jim they didn't go anywhere and why he is diminished in these new mixes is just a crime. \n\n\ Album Notes\nDVD Features:\n"Live In Europe 1968" features the best performances of the1968 European tour from London, Stockholm, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.
This data cd contains 19 tracks and runs 71min 47sec.
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  1. The Doors - Bride Of Prey (01:05)
  2. The Doors - Love Her Madly (Remix) (03:40)
  3. The Doors - Riders On The Storm (Remix) (07:08)
  4. The Doors - Orange County Suite (Remix) (05:45)
  5. The Doors - Runnin' Blue (Remix) (02:29)
  6. The Doors - Hello, I Love You (Remix) (02:42)
  7. The Doors - The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) (Remix) (04:15)
  8. The Doors - Stoned Immaculate (01:36)
  9. The Doors - Soul Kitchen (Remix) (03:33)
  10. The Doors - Peace Frog (Remix) (02:58)
  11. The Doors - L. A. Woman (Remix) (08:00)
  12. The Doors - Waiting For The Sun (Remix) (04:03)
  13. The Doors - Touch Me (Remix) (03:13)
  14. The Doors - The Changeling (Remix) (04:26)
  15. The Doors - Wishful Sinful (Remix) (02:59)
  16. The Doors - Love Street (Remix) (02:57)
  17. The Doors - Ghost Song (Remix) (04:14)
  18. The Doors - Whiskey, Mystics And Men (Remix) (02:28)
  19. The Doors - Roadhouse Blues (Remix) (04:07)

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