Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler: Heaven & Hell CD Track Listing

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Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler Heaven & Hell (1993)
YEAR: 1993
This data cd contains 14 tracks and runs 62min 45sec.
Freedb: c40eb30e


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  1. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Meat Loaf / Bat Out of Hell (04:55)
    Written by Jim Steinman\n\nThe sirens are screaming and the fires arehowling\nWay down in the valley tonight\nThere's a man in the shadowswith a gun in his eye\nAnd a blade shining ohso bright\n\nThere's evil in the air and there's thunder in the sky\nAnd
  2. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Bonnie Tyler / Faster Than the Speed of Night (04:42)
    Written by Jim Steinman\n\nI don't want to let another minute get by\nThey're slipping through our fingers, but we're ready to fly\nThe night'll be our cover and we'll huddle below\nWe've got the music in our bodies and the radio\n\nThere really isn't any
  3. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Meat Loaf / You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (05:05)
    Written by Jim Steinman\n\nOn a hot summer night\nWould you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?\nWill he offer me his mouth?\nYes\nWill he offer me his teeth?\nYes\nWillhe offer me his jaws?\nYes\nWill he offer me his hunger?\nYes\nAgain\nWi
  4. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Bonnie Tyler / Have You Ever Seen the Rain? (04:07)
    Written by John Fogerty\n\nSomeone told me long ago\nThere's a calm before the storm\nI know, and it's been coming for sometime\n\nWhen it's over so they say\nIt'll bring a sunny day\nI know, shining down likewater\n\nI wanna know, have you ever seen the
  5. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Meat Loaf / Read 'Em and Weep (03:47)
    Written by Jim Steinman\n\nI've been trying for hours just to think of what exactly to say\nI thought I'd leave you with a letter of fiery speech\nLike when an actor makes an exit at the end of the play\n\nWell I could tell you good-bye\nOr maybe see you
  6. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Bonnie Tyler / Total Eclipse of the Heart (04:31)
    Written by Jim Steinman\n\n(Turnaround) Every now and then I get a little bit lonely and you're never coming round\n(Turnaround) Every now and then I get a little bit tired of listening to the sound of my tears\n(Turnaround) Every now and then I get a lit
  7. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Meat Loaf / Two Out of Three Ain't Bad (04:49)
    Written by Jim Steinman\n\nBaby we can talk all night\nBut that ain'tgetting us nowhere\nI told you everything I possibly can\nThere's nothing left inside of here\n\nAnd maybe you cancry all night\nBut that'll never change the way that I feel\nThe snow is
  8. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Bonnie Tyler / Holding on for a Hero (04:25)
    Written by Jim Steinman and Dean Pitchford\n\nWhere have all the goodmen gone\nAnd where areall the gods?\nWhere's the street-wise Hercules\nTo fight the rising odds?\nIsn't there a white knight upon a fierysteed?\nLate at night I toss and I turn and I dr
  9. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Meat Loaf / Dead Ringer for Love (Rock 'n Roll and Brew) (04:23)
    Written by Jim Steinman\n\nEvery night I grab some money\nAnd I go down to the bar\nI got mybuddies and a beer\nI got a dream - I need a car\n\nYou got me begging on my knees\nC'mon and throw this dog a bone\nA man he doesn't live by\nRock 'n Rolland brew
  10. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Bonnie Tyler / If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man) (04:02)
    Written by Desmond Child\n\n(If you were a woman and I was a man)\n(Would it be so hard to understand)\n(That a heart's a heart and we do what we can)\n(If you were a woman and I was aman (I was a man))\n\nHow's it feel to be a woman\nHow's it feel to be
  11. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Meat Loaf / If You Really Want To (03:38)
    Written by Ted Neely and George Meyer\n\nYou say you're all alone\nAnd after all the changes you've been through today\nYou can use a little tenderness, right now\n\nO.K. -- I've been alone\nAnd I can understand the way you feel tonight\nMaybe together we
  12. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Bonnie Tyler / Straight From the Heart (03:42)
    Written by Bryan Adams and Eric Kagna\n\nI could start dreaming but it never ends\nAs longas you're gone we may as well pretend\nI've beendreaming\nAnd that's straight from the heart (straight, straight fromthe heart)\n\nYou said it's easy butwho's to say
  13. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Bonnie Tyler / Loving You's a Dirty Job But Somebody's Gotta Do It (05:50)
    Written by Jim Steinman\n\n(There were times we had it all)\n(There were times we lost it all)\n\nGirl:\nWhen the sky is falling and you'relooking round for somewhere to hide\nDid you ever call out to someone\nDid you ever call out to me, I've never been
  14. Meat Loaf & Bonnie Tyler - Meat Loaf / Heaven Can Wait (04:41)
    Written by Jim Steinman\n\nHeaven can wait\nAnd a band of angels wrapped up in my heart\nWill take me through the lonely night\nThrough thecold of the day\n\nAnd I know, I know\nHeaven can wait\nAnd all the gods come down here just to sing for me\nAnd the

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