Blueberry Hill: 1997 - 50 Homegrown Favourites CD Track Listing

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Blueberry Hill 1997 - 50 Homegrown Favourites (1997)
This data cd contains 12 tracks and runs 61min 36sec.
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  1. Blueberry Hill - John Peel, Early One Morning, The Laxey Wheel, All Through The Night, Marie's Wedding (05:47)
  2. Blueberry Hill - Greenland Fisheries, Sam Hall, Cosher Bailey, This Old Man, The Mermaid, Marching Through Georgia (06:19)
  3. Blueberry Hill - Farewell To Carlingford, Muirsheen Durkin, The Holyground, Whisky In The Jar, Lowlands Low (06:19)
  4. Blueberry Hill - Jock Stewart, Scarborough Fair, Skye Boat Song (04:36)
  5. Blueberry Hill - When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, A Man's A Man (For A'That), No Awa'Tae Bide Awa', The Wild Colonial Boy (04:27)
  6. Blueberry Hill - The Drunken Sailor, A'Roving, Bobby Shaftoe, Johnny Todd (03:43)
  7. Blueberry Hill - The Grand Old Duke Of York, Lancashire's Own, I Belong To Glasgow, Ilkley Moor Bah't 'At (05:04)
  8. Blueberry Hill - The Town I Loved So Well, Nobody's Child, Durham Town (03:58)
  9. Blueberry Hill - The Girl I Left Behind, The Floral Dance, The British Grenadiers, Men Of Harlech (03:42)
  10. Blueberry Hill - The Wild Rover, These Are My Mountains, The Horn Of The Hunter, Mingulay Boat Song, Flower Of Scotland (06:55)
  11. Blueberry Hill - The Lincolnshire Poacher, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, The Keel Row, Eskdale & Ennerdale Hunt, All For Me Grog, The Road To The Isles (06:37)
  12. Blueberry Hill - Wild Mountain Thyme (Will Ye Go Lassie Go) (04:00)

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