Various: True Sounds of the New West CD Track Listing

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Various True Sounds of the New West
a compilation
This country cd contains 17 tracks and runs 56min 0sec.
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  1. Libbi Bosworth - It's Late (02:37)
    Recorded at Studio 88, Nashville, TN
  2. Wayne Hancock - Friday and Saturday Night (02:35)
    Recorded at Cedar Creek Studio, Austin, TX
  3. The Hollisters - Good for the Blues (03:00)
    Recorded at the Hit Shack, Austin, TX
  4. Bruce Robison - Angry All the Time (04:53)
    Recorded at the Hit Shack, Austin, TX by Jay Hudson
  5. High Noon - He Won, I Lost, She's Found (03:03)
    Recorded by Brent Wilson with Josh Arnson
  6. The Derailers - Lies, Lies, Lies (03:56)
    Recorded by Walter Morgan for KUT Radio, Texas
  7. Dickie Lee Erwin - Another True Love (02:58)
    Recorded at the Fire Station, San Marcos, TX by Marc Tester
  8. Chris Miller - Everybody's Lovin' (But Me) (02:44)
    Recorded by David Sanger; Mixed at Flashpoint Studio, Austin, TX
  9. Tom Clifford - Sometimes Saturday Night (04:11)
    Recorded at Congress House Studio, Austin, TX by Bradley Kopp
  10. Charlie Burton and the Texas Twelve Steppers - Spare Me the Details (03:21)
    Recorded at Audio Image Studio, Austin, TX by Charles Reeves
  11. The Wild Peyotes - Don't Treat Me Like I Treated You (03:20)
    Recorded at Word of Mouth Studio, New Orleans, LA
  12. Marti Broom - Mean (03:12)
    Recorded at Jet Tone Studio, Austin, TX
  13. Roy Heinrich - Same Old Heartache (02:56)
    Recorded at Parrot Tracks Studio, Austin, TX by George Coyne
  14. Brandon Wayne and the Widowmakers - What You Do to Me (02:58)
    Recorded at Music Lane Studio, Austin, TX by Matt Schultz
  15. Jamie Lee Bradford - Anna Lee (03:55)
    Recorded by Josh Arnson
  16. Josh Arnson - It Ain't That Bad (03:13)
    Recorded by Josh Arnson
  17. Sean Mencher - Comanche Moon (02:58)

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