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Aerosmith Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology (Left Disc) (2001)
Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology - Disc 1 of 2\n2001 Geffen Records\n\nOriginally Released November 20, 2001\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: The Geffen hits were already summarized on Big Ones, so the 2001 collection, Young Lust, takes the next step, providing an "anthology," which apparently means that it delves deeper than those hits, providing two discs of latter-day Aerosmith, including album tracks, concert favorites, rarities, non-LP B-sides, and cuts only available on compilations. A better idea in theory than in practice, since Young Lust is typical of collections of its times in that it simultaneously contains too much music and not enough. Too much because these 34 songs simply constitute a lot of material, especially because there are a few album cuts that aren't particularly distinctive, plus live material at the end that feels extraneous. Not enough because certain hits aren't here in the hit versions: the acoustic version of "Livin' on the Edge," the orchestral version of "Amazing," a live "Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)" (not to mention the live performances of Columbia classics "Dream On" and "Sweet Emotion"). That said, this still fulfills its goals pretty nicely, offering an in-depth summary of Aerosmith's comeback which indeed wasn't limited to just the hits; cuts like "Hangman Jury," "Monkey on My Back," "Blind Man," and especially the non-LP "Deuces are Wild" are proof that the group was revitalized during this time, only starting to run out of steam around 1993's Get a Grip. Much of the best of this time is available here, but the collection feels a little off, probably because it is so much material in such a concentrated burst, which is not only a little tiring, but the density brings the weaknesses to the forefront in a way such tight albums as Pump couldn't; but it still does offer a lot, even if it doesn't have all that it should. -- Stephen Thomas Erlewine\n\ Editorial Review\nAerosmith's reign as America's greatest hard-rock heroes seemed all but over at the end of the '70s, the victim of internal squabbles, drug abuse, and a cocooned, decadent environment. Set against that backdrop, their '80's label switch and resurgence--and an eventual iconic, widespread acceptance even more pervasive than during their "prime"--was initially as gratifying as it was unlikely. This double-disc, 34-track compilation of the Geffen years chronicles a not-so-young band clawing their way back to the top with a hungry frenzy that shamed many upstarts half their age. With all the high points intact (including their groundbreaking rock-rap redux of "Walk this Way" with Run D.M.C., "Rag Doll," "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)," "Love In an Elevator," "Janie's Got a Gun," "The Other Side," Cryin'" et al.), this compilation offers up the expected live extras (a handful of old hits and '90's staples), soundtrack cuts ("Deuces Are Wild" and the Doors' "Love Me Two Times") and sundry rarities (including the non-album cuts "Don't Stop" and "Can't Stop Messin'," B-side "Head First," and Japan-only "Ain't Enough")--though, sadly, no "Theme to Wayne's World." But by its waning tracks, it also documents the encroaching influences of hired-gun tunesmiths like Desmond Child and Glen Ballard, and the band's troubling tendency to hew ever closer to the middle-of-the-road as its fame burgeoned. Younger listeners may well treasure this album as a history of Aerosmith's golden years, B.D.--as in before Diane (Warren). --Jerry McCulley \n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nYoung Lust, January 29, 2005\nReviewer: Zack H. "Pink Floydian"\nParticularly if you don't have any of their other albums, or if you have giant gaps in your mid-years Aerosmith collection, this is a great anthology. It includes a lot of odds, ends, and B-sides from their other albums, plus the greats, like Elevator, Ragdoll, Dude Looks Like a Lady, and the Run DMC Walk this Way. There's also a four song live segment, and while the live Dream On and Fallin' in Love are fabulous tracks, I think the live Sweet Emotion is weaker than the studio. Because this is a one-label anthology, it's missing most of the comeback hits (Pink, Don't Wanna Miss a Thing, Jaded, etc.) which is a real disappointment. Still, a great listen and well worth the money.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\n****1/2 - a really good latter-day overview, July 31, 2004\nReviewer: Docendo Discimus (Vita scholae)\n"Young Lust - The Aerosmith Anthology" chronicles Aerosmith's Geffen-years from the mid-eighties onward. \nGathering 34 singles, album tracks and live cuts, it offers a fine retrospective, and it manages to include almost all of the best songs from Aerosmith's last six studio albums. This is pretty much all that the casual fan will need. \n\nHaving said that, I would have preferred a leaner version of "Amazing" to the orchestrated one included here, but the acoustic rendition of the hit "Livin' On The Edge" is really good, and Run-DMC's take on the sublime hard rock song "Walk This Way" is included, too. \nThe live versions of "Dream On" and "Sweet Emotion" are sort of pointless, though, and those two should have been left off in favour of two or three more songs from the band's Geffen years, but the selection is generally very good, and small flaws like those I just mentioned don't really ruin the overall impression. \n\nThe MTV-staples "Dude (looks like a lady)" and "Love In An Elevator" are here, as well as power ballads like "Angel", "Cryin'", and "Crazy", the underrated blues shuffle "Hangman Jury", the melodic (and disturbing) "Janie's Got A Gun", and several other smashes like "The Other Side", "What It Takes", and the hard rockers "Eat The Rich", "Head First", "Let The Music Do The Talking", "Rag Doll", and "My Fist Your Face". \n"Young Lust" also includes and excellent version of the Door's "Love Me Two Times", as well as "Deuces Are Wild", "Blind Man" and "Walk On Water", the three previously unreleased songs from Aerosmith's earlier Geffen compilation, "Big Ones". \n\nThis well-annotated double disc compilation is the best available overview of Aerosmith's latter-day output. Get this one, and the excellent box set "Pandora's Box" for the 'Smith's seventies classics, and you're set! \n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nIt's NOT another ?Greatest Hits? CD. It's Better!, June 3, 2004\nReviewer: "tubags61" (Winnipeg, MB Canada)\nYoung Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology is NOT another "Greatest Hits" CD. It is exactly what it claims to Anthology. This double, 34 track CD covers Aerosmith's rarities and B-side singles along with some mainstream Aerosmith hits from the 80's up to 2001. Overall a great collection of Aerosmith's work. The rarities and b-side singles are surprisingly good. My favorites are, Love Me Two Times (Doors Cover), Head First, Don't Stop and Can't Stop Messin' to name just a few. In my mind this CD is the companion to Pandora's Box. Between these two compilations you'd have Aerosmith's "musical soul" in your hands. I highly recommend these two works as the mainstay of your Aerosmith collection.\nIf you are looking for an Aerosmith Greatest Hits CD covering this era get "O' Yeah -Ultimate Aerosmith Hits!" in addition to, or on it's own if you are just a casual Aerosmith fan. If you want to explore the Aerosmith's musical depth, Young Lust is a great trip!\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nUnnecessary, February 17, 2004\nReviewer: Mike "Mike" (Maryland)\nThe only songs on this album that aren't on Big Ones or O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits are some live and/or acoustic versions. They only have "Dream On" and "Sweet Emotion" as live, but don't have the original recordings. They also have a dumb acoustic version of "Livin On The Edge." No original for that either. People complain that O Yeah! is missing some essential songs such as "Train Kept A Rollin'," well this does not have it either. They have many of their hits, but there is no reason to get this. If you want a greatest hits collection get O Yeah! or Big Ones. If you are looking for live tracks get Classics Live or Live Bootleg. Stay away from this unless you are turned on by the jewel case cover.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nGreat Collection., July 21, 2002\nReviewer: Mr. Fellini "Fellini" (El Paso, Texas United States)\n..."Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology" is a great taste of how far this band has come since the 70s and into a third decade. This is an intricate set, featuring both popular hits and delicious rarities. The first disc is made-up of popular favorites like the powerful "Janie's Got A Gun," the fun, lively, orchestra-powered "Dude Looks Like A Lady." "Hangman Jury" is a great rockin' blues tune where Tyler does some fun, sometimes fascinating vocal work. "Let The Music Do The Talking" is active with some early rock nostalgia. "Walk This Way" with Run DMC has not aged a bit and still sounds fresh and hip, lots of fun and with style (you kinda wish crap bands like Limp Bizkit would've actually LEARNED from this song how to combine rap with rock). "Love In An Elevator" is an okay song, depends what kind of day you're having. "Young Lust" is saucy. Disc 2 has some very interesting tracks and I suspect it is the disc that makes this set worth getting. The opener, "Eat The Rich" is energetic and lively. The next track is a true Aerosmith gem, a cover of The Doors' "Love Me Two Times" that really rocks. It's exhilarating, powered by some great playing (especially guitarist Joe Perry's take on Robby Krieger's immortal blues riff) and stunning vocals by Tyler who also pulls off a great harmonica solo here. It is a fitting tribute to the spirit of Jim Morrison and the kind of hard rock blues The Doors helped influence. "Walk On Water" is a crunching Southern-feeling scorcher. Another great track here is the live version of "Dream On," like the original it is atmospheric, moving, hypnotic and ultimately a masterpiece in melodic rock virtuosity for Aerosmith. There is never anything in modern rock quite like Tyler's vocals and Perry's guitar work. Their influence has not diminished and bands like Train, Kid Rock and Metallica have expressed their fanaticsm for the band. Like The Doors and Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith has produced rock music that has and will continue to endure. Indeed, "Young Lust" is a great showcasing of how many emotions, moods and exhilarating flavors the band can express. A grea collection of some great rock n' roll.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nFills In Some Gaps, April 24, 2002\nReviewer: Mad Dog "maddog6969" (TimbuckThree, Tennessee)\nListening to this disc, my mind drifts back to a Saturday evening at a small bar not far from home. As we were getting ready to leave, the bartender talked us into another pitcher, telling us something big was happening. That something turned out to be a visit by Aerosmith. This was an album or two after Rocks, when the band wasn't getting along so well. We waited, then our jaws hit the floor when Tyler and Perry walked in. They were playing as a present to the bar owner, a friend of theirs. The show started out very well, but degenerated into just another drunken bar band that played too loud. We walked out and I was thinking that Aerosmith was on their way out. I couldn't have been more wrong. They just needed a break.\nI bought all of the old Aerosmith albums before their resurgence, but have been selective since then. So this compilation allowed me to fill in some gaps from the later CDs that I didn't really want to buy. Plus there are some rare songs in here to help spice up the deal. I'd really give it 3.5 stars if I could, because there's more here than I need. Trimming this down to one disc would have made it much better.\n\nThe sound quality is very good to excellent and the liner notes are well done. In summary, a good compilation for us old 70's dinosaurs that want to fill in the newer tunes from a very durable band.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nA fun set for just about anyone., March 22, 2002\nReviewer: Bill Allison (Bolivar, Missouri United States)\nI've never been what you would call a huge Aerosmith fan, but over the years, I've owned several of their albums and I consider "Pump" to be one of my favorite rock-albums of all time. In my opinion, that was their most consistent album and I can still never get tired of playing the thing. Songs like "the other side", "what it takes", and "love in an elevator" never wear out their welcome and always manage to bring back memories of my child-hood. Permanent Vacation also had some good tunes, as well as Get a Grip and Nine Lives, but I never made the effort to buy ALL of them. I guess this set was put together for casual fans like me and I'm really glad for having picked it up. On here, are 34 songs culled from their Geffen years and, in all honesty, there really isn't a weak track. I liked the double-live set "A Little South of Sanity" and I find it a little puzzling that they would include the live version of "Hole in My Sole". But, then again, that's just me. Also, we get "Deuces Are Wild" from the Beavis and Butthead Experience and "Blind Man" from the 1994 greatest hits "Big Ones". \nThis is a fantastic "hits" package and my only complaint is that there wasn't more stuff from Nine Lives. But oh well, can't have everything. All in all this is a solid buy that even the rabid fans may want to have. It's good times.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nAs Complete As It Gets, January 18, 2002\nReviewer: birddogger5150 (Roseville, MN USA)\n... As I own all of the other Aerosmith CD's on Geffen (except their previous best-of "Big Ones"), I wouldn't pay much more than that for this. The only real advantage is the 11 total tracks on here that I did not already own, most of which are alternate takes, soundtrack cuts, and "B" sides (and they are "B" sides for a REASON). Also, all tracks are digitally remastered, and since I own non-remastered versions of "Pump", "Get A Grip", etc., this is a plus for me as well. \n\nAs greatest hits CD's go though, this is maybe the most complete one I've ever seen, and it's not like "Big Ones" was overly lacking either. It compiles all of their Geffen-era singles and throws in key album tracks like "Hangman Jury", "Young Lust", and "Shut Up And Dance". It's also refreshing to see a few tracks from the much-maligned "Done With Mirrors" here, including the excellent "Let The Music Do The Talking". It also throws in four songs from their live "A Little South of Sanity" album, purely for the purpose of including live versions of four well-known Aerosmith songs for which Geffen does not own the rights to the original recordings ("Dream On", "Sweet Emotion", "Hole In My Soul", "Falling In Love"). \n\nRegarding the otherwise-hard-to-find-stuff, you get a by-the-numbers remake of the Door's "Love Me Two Times", a somewhat interesting acoustic version of "Living On The Edge", an orchestral (re: OVERPRODUCED) version of "Amazing", the great ballad "Deuces Are Wild" (from an otherwise lame Beavis & Butt-Head compilation), two decent (but non-essential) tracks from "Big Ones", and ho-hum interchangable B-sides and import-onlys like "Head First", "Don't Stop", 'Can't Stop Messin'", and "Ain't Enough". You also get the version of "Walk This Way" that Joe Perry & Steven Tyler recorded with Run-D.M.C. Say what you will about that song, but it did accomplish two major milestones for better or worse - it revived Aerosmith's long-dormant career (for better) while simultaneously ushering rap into the mainstream (for worse). \n\nIf you're an Aerosmith completist, you will want this for any songs you don't already have. If you're a casual fan of their 80's and 90's work and don't already own many of their albums from "Done With Mirrors" onward, you can look at the track listings from this and "Big Ones" and decide for yourself which suits you better. Either way, this is a great CD.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nNOT a best of, but pretty good, January 5, 2002\nReviewer: Jeffrey Allan Shelden (Chicago, IL United States)\nClearly this album is Geffen trying to get as much money out of their Aerosmith catalog as possible. The only reason to get this collection is to get the old b-sides on a few cd's instead of a bunch of singles. It is unfortunate that Aerosmith didn't have anything to do with the collection because I'm sure they would have given Geffen some rarities to put on here. Instead we are stuck with a few tracks from the 5 albums and some good filler. Can't go wrong with Aerosmith though and this may give fans a good way to consolidate their collection if you're not too addicted to "St. John."\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nGood summary for the budget-minded., December 17, 2001\nReviewer: A music fan\nThis is not a bad collection by any means. The remastering is excellent as both discs sound terrific, even better than I remember them sounding on the original albums. One reviewer questioned as to whom this collection was intended for? I have to agree. Die-hard fans will likely have most of this material already. The bulk of the collection is taken from the albums, "Permanent Vacation, Pump, Get A Grip, Big ones" and "A Little South of Sanity." If you already have these albums, then you really don't need this collection. There's a couple of B-sides, rarities and the Run-DMC version of Walk this Way, but not enough to warrant getting this set if you have the above-mentioned albums. If you are new to Aerosmith, or on a budget, then you can't go wrong with this collection. For myself, it was perfect as I did not want to spend the money on all the albums that the tracks in this collection come from. So, if economics are a concern for you, this is the best Aerosmith album to get as it's a nice summary of the band's work from the 80's through the 90's.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nWho is this for?, November 27, 2001\nReviewer: A music fan\nFor whom exactly is this double-disc set intended? Is it a hits compilation for casual fans who don't want to delve into the albums? Well, seeing as Geffen only owned the band during the second stage of their career, it couldn't be definitive, and the single-disc best-of "Big Ones" covered the Geffen years quite nicely already. Is it a rarities collection? There are quite a few b-sides and previously unreleased tunes here, but it's mostly re-packaged material from their Geffen albums. Even the live tunes are straight from their recent live record, A Little South of Sanity. So the hardcore fans will have to have it, even if their paying mostly for material they already own - and a few casual fans might pick it up confusing it for a greatest hits collection. Still, it's little more than another contractual obligation of marginal value.\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nGood for the hardcore Aerosmith fans . . ., November 20, 2001\nReviewer: S. Baker "sdbaker70" (Phoenix, Arizona United States)\nbecause of the b-sides collected, but this is not a great compilation for those who don't have all the Geffen releases ('Done with Mirrors' (1985), 'Permanent Vacation' (1987), 'Pump' (1989), 'Get a Grip' (1993), and 'A Little South of Sanity' (1998)). From the perspective of a diehard fan, the song choice from 'Permanent Vacation' and 'Pump' is excellent, but the same can not be said of the much underrated 'Done with Mirrors' and the much overrated 'Get a Grip'. The tracks from the 1998 live record should be viewed in the same context as the record itself - a lackluster fulfillment of the band's contractual obligation to Geffen.\nThe real gems here are the collection of b-sides, of which all but a couple are included here. Particularly good is the reworking of The Doors' "Love Me Two Times" (from the 'Pump' era). (NOTE: I wish Geffen had just put these as bonus cuts on the remastered original records, as has been done with many other bands.) For this reason alone, I would recommend this record for the serious Aero-fans. For those just getting started, I recommend purchasing the remastered versions of 'Permanent Vacation' and 'Pump' (which are being released simultaneously).\n\ Details \nContributing artists: Run-DMC \n\nAlbum Notes\nYOUNG LUST: THE AEROSMITH ANTHOLOGY contains tracks recorded for Geffen between 1985 and 1998.\n\nAerosmith: Steven Tyler (vocals, mandolin, harmonica, keyboards); Joe Perry (guitar, dulcimer, background vocals); Brad Whitford (guitar); Tom Hamilton (bass); Joey Kramer (drums, percussion).\n\nProducers includes: Ted Templeman, Bruce Fairbairn, Michael Beinhorn, Aerosmith, Jack Douglas.\n\nCompilation producer: Mike Ragogna.\nIncludes liner notes by Gerri Miller.\nDigitally remastered by Erick Labson (Universal Mastering Studios-West, Hollywood, California).\n\nFew bands in rock & roll history have enjoyed the kind of over-the-top successful second act Aerosmith has that makes Behind-The-Music producers salivate and reinforces the legend moniker generally associated with these New England hard rockers. The 2-CD YOUNG LUST is a handy anthology of the band's Geffen years that chronicles this Boston quintet's climb back from the depths of drug abuse, personal turmoil and dramatic excess.\nMTV-friendly hits like "Rag Doll," "(Dude) Looks Like A Lady" and "Cryin'" are featured alongside the band's breakthrough Run-D.M.C. rap-rock summit ("Walk This Way") and a clutch of live favorites ("Sweet Emotion," "Dream On"). Along the way, Aerosmith found success infusing their writing with cheeky double-entendres ("Love In An Elevator"), serious topics like child abuse ("Janie's Got A Gun") and flat-out displays of guitar-soaked manna (the resurrected Joe Perry Project nugget "Let The Music Do The Talking"). Also included are the chugging, blues-driven, Japan-only "Ain't Enough," defiant non-album rocker "Don't Stop" and a soaring orchestral version of "Amazing." Even Aerosmith's contributions from the soundtracks to Air America (a stomping cover of "Love Me Two Times") and The Beavis & Butthead Experience (an infinitely catchy "Deuces Are Wild") get the nod on this far-reaching anthology.
This country cd contains 17 tracks and runs 78min 59sec.
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  1. Aerosmith - Let The Music Do The Talking (03:45)
  2. Aerosmith - My Fist Your Face (04:21)
  3. Aerosmith - Shame On You (03:20)
  4. Aerosmith - Heart's Done Time (04:41)
  5. Aerosmith - Rag Doll (04:24)
  6. Aerosmith - Dude (Looks Like A Lady) (04:23)
  7. Aerosmith - Angel (05:06)
  8. Aerosmith - Hangman Jury (05:33)
  9. Aerosmith - Permanent Vacation (04:48)
  10. Aerosmith - Young Lust (04:19)
  11. Aerosmith - The Other Side (04:06)
  12. Aerosmith - What It Takes (05:10)
  13. Aerosmith - Monkey On My Back (03:57)
  14. Aerosmith - Love In An Elevator (05:21)
  15. Aerosmith - Janie's Got A Gun (05:27)
  16. Aerosmith - Ain't Enough (04:57)
  17. Aerosmith - Walk This Way (feat. Run DMC) (05:10)

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