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Various The Best Of 80's Country (1987)
Songwriter: Various\r\nKomponist: Various\r\nArrangement: Original sound Recordings made by Capitol Records Inc., EMI-America Records and RCA/Ariola Records Ltd. \r\nKommentar: (p)1987 Music For Please/EMI Records Ltd. Hayes MIDDX, upc 5099941578810 \r\n
This country cd contains 16 tracks and runs 56min 42sec.
Freedb: e90d4610


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  1. Don Williams - Then It's Love (03:27)
    Songwriter: Dennis Linde\r\nKomponist: EMI Music Publ. Ltd\r\nArrangement: Don Williams & Garth Fundis, \r\nKommentar: (p)1986 Capitol Records Inc.\r\n
  2. Ed Bruce - Memphis Roots (04:13)
    Songwriter: Ed Bruce\r\nKomponist: Drum Drop music\r\nArrangement: Ed Bruce and Blake Mevis for Southwind Music Inc.\r\nKommentar: (p)1986 RCA/Ariola International\r\n
  3. Marie Osmond (with Paul Davis) - You're Still New To Me (03:21)
    Songwriter: Paul Overstreet, Paul Davis)\r\nKomponist: Writers Group Music/ Scarlet Moon Music/ Web IV Music\r\nArrangement: Paul Worley\r\nKommentar: (p)1986 Capitol Records Inc.\r\n
  4. T. Graham Brown - I Tell It Like It Used To Be (03:01)
    Songwriter: R. Hellard, M. Garvin, B. Jones\r\nKomponist: EMI Music Publ. Ltd\r\nArrangement: Bud Logan\r\nKommentar: (p)1986 Capitol Records Inc.\r\n
  5. Eddie Rabbitt - Letter From Home (04:11)
    Songwriter: Reed Nielsen\r\nKomponist: Englishtown Music\r\nArrangement: Richard landis for Outlandis Productions\r\nKommentar: (p)1986 RCA/Ariola International.\r\n
  6. Vince Gill - Turn Me Loose (03:11)
    Songwriter: Vince Gill\r\nKomponist: Criterion Music Corp/ Lorna Music Co Ltd. (MCPS)\r\nArrangement: Emory L. Gordy, Jr.\r\nKommentar: (p)1984 RCA Corporation\r\n
  7. Tanya Tucker - Just Another Love (03:13)
    Songwriter: Paul Davis\r\nKomponist: Web IV Music\r\nArrangement: jerry Crutchfield\r\nKommentar: (p)1986 Capitol Records Inc.\r\n
  8. Ronnie Milsap - Stranger In My House (03:34)
    Songwriter: Mike Reid\r\nKomponist: Lodge hall Music Inc\r\nArrangement: Ronnie Milsap and Tom Collins\r\nKommentar: (p)1983 RCA Records\r\n
  9. The Judds - John Deere Tractor (03:31)
    Songwriter: Lawrence Hammond\r\nKomponist: SBK United Partnership\r\nArrangement: Brent Maher for Maher Productions\r\nKommentar: (p)1984 RCA/Ariola International\r\n
  10. Dobie Gray - From Where I Stand (03:12)
    Songwriter: J. Kimball, T. Schuyler\r\nKomponist: Sweet Angel Music/ Michael H. goldsen, Inc/ Writers Group Music/ Bethehem Music\r\nArrangement: Harold Sheed\r\nKommentar: (p)1986 Capitol Records Inc.\r\n
  11. Sylvia - Read All About It (03:33)
    Songwriter: Kent M. Robbins, Todd Cerney\r\nKomponist: Chriswald Music/ Hopi Sound/ Rondor Music (LDN) Ltd\r\nArrangement: Brent Maher for Maher Productions\r\nKommentar: (p)1985 RCA Records\r\n
  12. Mel McDaniel - Stand On It (02:40)
    Songwriter: Bruce Springsteen\r\nKomponist: Zomba Music Publishers Ltd\r\nArrangement: Jerry Kennedy\r\nKommentar: (p)1986 Capitol Records Inc.\r\n
  13. Sawyer Brown - Out Goin' Cattin' (02:54)
    Songwriter: M. Miller, R. Scruggs\r\nKomponist: Screen Germs/ EMI Music ltd\r\nArrangement: Randy L. Scruggs\r\nKommentar: (p)1986 Capitol Records Inc.\r\n
  14. Gail Davies - Jagged Edge Of A Broken Heart (04:17)
    Songwriter: Walker Igleheart, Mike Joyce\r\nKomponist: Black Note Publ./ Greeser Publ.\r\nArrangement: Gail Davies & Lelaud Sklar for Little Chickadee Productions\r\nKommentar: (p)1984 RCA Records\r\n
  15. Dan Seals - Out On The Front Line (04:38)
    Songwriter: Dan Seals\r\nKomponist: MCPS\r\nArrangement: Kyle Lehning\r\nKommentar: (p)1986 EMI America Records, a divison of Capitol Records Inc.\r\n
  16. Alabama - Feels So Right (03:35)
    Songwriter: Randy Owens\r\nKomponist: Maypop Music\r\nArrangement: Alabama, Larry McBride & Harold Shedd\r\nKommentar: (p)1981 RCA/Ariola International\r\n

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