Hank Williams: complete cd 4 CD Track Listing

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Hank Williams complete cd 4
This country cd contains 6 tracks and runs 72min 46sec.
Freedb: 59110c06


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  1. Hank Williams - Show One 11.56 - Happy Rovin' Cowboy/Mind Your Own Business/Wedding Bells/Cotton Eyed Joe (inst)/I've Just Told Mama Goodbye/Sally Goodin (inst) (12:00)
  2. Hank Williams - Show Two 12.14 - Happy Rovin' Cowboy/I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Fisher's Hornpipe (inst)/Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine/Sally Goodin (inst) (12:17)
  3. Hank Williams - Show Three 12.16 - Happy Rovin' Cowboy/Mansion On The Hill/There'll Be No More/Teardrops Tonight/Breakdown (inst)/The Prodigal Son/Sally Goodin (inst) (12:19)
  4. Hank Williams - Show Four 12.15 - Happy Rovin' Cowboy/Pan American/Lovesick Blues/Arkansas Traveller (inst)/I Saw The Light/Sally Goodin (inst) (12:17)
  5. Hank Williams - Show Five 11.51 - Happy Rovin' Cowboy/I'm A Long Gone Daddy/I'm Telling You/Bill Cheatam (inst)/When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels/Sally Goodin (inst) (11:54)
  6. Hank Williams - Show Six 11.52 - Happy Rovin' Cowboy/Lost Highway/I Wanna Live and Love Always/Bile Them Cabbage Down (inst)/I'll Have A New Body/Fingers on Fire (inst)/Sally Goodin (inst) (11:54)

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