Byron Knight and The Cascadoes: 1963 WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND CD Track Listing

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Byron Knight and The Cascadoes 1963 WELLINGTON NEW ZEALAND (1963)
The first recording to be made in the "NEW" New Zealand Broadcasting Studios at Boullcot St. Wellington in October 1963. Some of the studios were unfinished and some of the recording shields were a little makeshift. Played on NZ National radio in March 1964. The guitars were Gibson and so was the lead amp. It had two speakers facing slightly away from each other to fan the sound. And you dare not bump the amp or jump next to it or the reverb would go forever. I don't think there was any tape echo on that sound. Do you know where I could find one? Other amps were made by Tom McDonald and Neil Harrop of flywire fame. This recording was made onto an 8ml spool recorder from the radio. It sat around for twenty years and a copy was taken on a home stereo recorder to play for the kids. Years later Darren my son got his friend Robbie Tembrooker to copy and edit the tape and put it onto CD. Well done. { Talk about multi-track recording?} I love the Gibson sound. This was a fifties full size jazz guitar which Dennis Morehu used. The bass player also had probably the first Gison six string in NZ. The recording may sound a little ringy in places but it is an unmistakable sound. If anyone has similar equipment in NZ I would LOVE to do the recordings again. And son Darren is a drummer. Pretty good too. I think I had better get in quick before the kids and their kids get the breaks and take over. { Actually they already have Grandad.}\nByron Knight. Masterton. New Zealand.
This country cd contains 1 tracks and runs 14min 40sec.
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  1. Byron Knight and The Cascadoes - Byron Knight / Cascodoes 1963. (14:38)
    Druumer Ray Earl. Rythm, Tom Mcdonald. Bass, Lani Love. Lead, Dennis { Des} Morehu.

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