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Various The Cowboys - Country's Greatest (2004)
Songwriter: Various\r\nKomponist: Various\r\nArrangement: CBS\r\nAlbum:\r\nCBS 84693 (1980 CBS Inc.)\r\n KH 30346 (1974 CBS Inc.)\r\n
This country cd contains 20 tracks and runs 66min 42sec.
Freedb: 270fa014


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  1. Willie Nelson - Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys (03:40)
    Songwriter: Ed Bruce\r\nKomponist: P. Bruce\r\nArrangement: Willie Nelson\r\nKommentar: 1978\r\n
  2. Marty Robbins - All Around Cowboy (03:06)
    Songwriter: Marty Robbins\r\nKomponist: Marty Robbins\r\nArrangement: Billy Sherrill\r\nKommentar: 1979\r\n
  3. Johnny Duncan - Jo And The Cowboy (03:18)
    Songwriter: Johnny Duncan\r\nKomponist: Johnny Duncan\r\nArrangement: Billy Sherrill\r\nKommentar: 1975\r\n
  4. Johnny Cash - Bull Rider (03:11)
    Songwriter: Rodney Crowell\r\nKomponist: Rodney Crowell\r\nArrangement: Brian Ahern\r\nKommentar: 1979\r\n
  5. Michael Murphey - Cosmic Cowboy / Cosmic Breakdown (06:04)
    Songwriter: Michael Murphey\r\nKomponist: Michael Murphey\r\nArrangement: John Boylan\r\nKommentar: 1979\r\n
  6. The Charlie Daniels Band - Sweetwater, Texas (05:37)
    Songwriter: Charlie Daniels\r\nKomponist: Charlie Daniels\r\nArrangement: John Boylan\r\nKommentar: 1976\r\n
  7. Johnny Cash - Don't Take Your Guns To Town (02:48)
    Songwriter: Johnny Cash\r\nKomponist: Johnny Cash\r\nArrangement: Johnny Cash\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n
  8. David Allan Coe - Texas Lullaby (04:13)
    Songwriter: David Allan Coe\r\nKomponist: A. McGowan\r\nArrangement: Ron Bledsoe\r\nKommentar: 1976\r\n
  9. Moe Bandy - Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry (02:43)
    Songwriter: D. Owen\r\nKomponist: D. Owen\r\nArrangement: Ray Baker\r\nKommentar: 1977\r\n
  10. Bobby Bare - The Gambler (03:31)
    Songwriter: Don Schlitz\r\nKomponist: Don Schlitz\r\nArrangement: Bobby Bare\r\nKommentar: 1978\r\n
  11. Johnny Cash - Don't Take Your Guns To Town (03:04)
    Songwriter: Johnny Cash\r\nKomponist: Johnny Cash\r\nArrangement: Don Law & Frank Jones\r\nKommentar: 1962\r\n
  12. Tammy Wynette - Stand By Your Man (02:41)
    Songwriter: Billy Sherill\r\nKomponist: Tammy Wynette\r\nArrangement: ?\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n
  13. David Houston - Where Love Used To Live (03:05)
    Songwriter: Billy Sherill\r\nKomponist: Guy Sutton\r\nArrangement: ?\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n
  14. Johnny Horton - The Battle Of New Orleans (02:33)
    Songwriter: Jimmy Driftwood\r\nKomponist: Jimmy Driftwood\r\nArrangement: ?\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n
  15. Marty Robbins - Devil Woman (02:53)
    Songwriter: Marty Robbins\r\nKomponist: Marty Robbins\r\nArrangement: ?\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n
  16. Ray Price - Pride (02:36)
    Songwriter: Ian Stanton\r\nKomponist: W. Walker\r\nArrangement: ?\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n
  17. Flatt & Scruggs - Foggy Mountain Breakdown (02:21)
    Songwriter: Earl Scruggs\r\nKomponist: Earl Scruggs\r\nArrangement: ?\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n
  18. Jimmy Dean - Big Bad John (03:03)
    Songwriter: Jimmy Dean\r\nKomponist: Jimmy Dean\r\nArrangement: ?\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n
  19. Lefty Frizzell - Saginaw, Michigan (03:05)
    Songwriter: D. Wayne\r\nKomponist: Bill Anderson\r\nArrangement: ?\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n
  20. Claude King - Wolverton Mountain (02:56)
    Songwriter: Merle Kilgore\r\nKomponist: Claude King\r\nArrangement: ?\r\nKommentar: 1974\r\n

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