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Dvorana Hooked on Contra (1996)
Dvorana and The Lloyd Shaw Foundation, Inc.\nHOOKED ON CONTRA\n8 medleys for your contra dancing
This country cd contains 8 tracks and runs 52min 23sec.
Freedb: 770c4508


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  1. Dvorana - 01-Green Willis (Constitution Hornpipe, Yellow Rose) 120bpm (06:29)
  2. Dvorana - 02-Saratoga Hornpipe (Barlow Knife, Shenandoah Falls) 122bpm (06:26)
  3. Dvorana - 03-Frenchy's Reel (La Ronflusse Gobiel) 120bpm (06:31)
  4. Dvorana - 04-Forrester's Hornpipe (Good for the Tongue, Walker Street) 118bpm (06:43)
  5. Dvorana - 05-Don Tremaine's Reel (The Golden Keyboard) 118bpm (06:37)
  6. Dvorana - 06-Vinton's Hornpipe (President Garfield's Hornpipe) 120bpm (06:30)
  7. Dvorana - 07-Haste to the Wedding (Johnny Don't Get Drunk) 124bpm (06:16)
  8. Dvorana - Mountain Ranger (Old Joe, Red Wing) 116bpm (06:44)

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