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DON WILLIAMS The Best Of (2003)
This country cd contains 20 tracks and runs 63min 25sec.
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  1. DON WILLIAMS - I Recall a Gipsy Woman (03:26)
    Recorded 11Nov'74 -"Don Williams Volume 1" album track released as a single in UK and was his first Pop hit there (No.13) and was on the charts for 3 months!!
  2. DON WILLIAMS - Till The River All Runs Dry (03:27)
    Recorded15 Dec'75 (No1 country) on "Harmony" '76 album
  3. DON WILLIAMS - Say It Again (03:04)
    Rec 30April'76 (country No.1) on "Harmony" '76 album
  4. DON WILLIAMS - Some Broken Hearts Never Mend (02:46)
    Rec 1Dec'76 for "Visions" album - His biggest UK hit was on the charts for 20 weeks and peaked at No.13
  5. DON WILLIAMS - I'm Just a Country Boy (03:04)
    Rec20July'77 for "Country Boy" album - No1 country hit was also a hit on the UK pop charts reaching No.27.
  6. DON WILLIAMS - Tulsa Time (03:12)
    A No.1 country hit in '78 on the "Expressions" album (No.28 hit in UK)
  7. DON WILLIAMS - It Must Be Love (02:30)
    Rec 7July'78 (country No.1) from the "Expressions" album
  8. DON WILLIAMS - I Believe In You (04:05)
    Country No.1 and Don's only US pop chart hit (No.24)
  9. DON WILLIAMS - Love Is On a Roll (03:41)
    Another country No.1 hit
  10. DON WILLIAMS - Stay Young (03:04)
    From the "Yellow Moon" album (1983)
  11. DON WILLIAMS - Amanda (03:11)
    Rec 4March'75 for "Don Williams Volume 1" album
  12. DON WILLIAMS - That's The Thing About Love (03:39)
    Another country No.1 was Don's last UK pop hit reaching No.74 in '84
  13. DON WILLIAMS - Shelter Of Your Eyes (03:00)
    From "Don Williams Volume 1"
  14. DON WILLIAMS - She's In Love With a Rodeo Man (03:14)
    Rec 13Nov'74 for "Don Williams Volume Two" album
  15. DON WILLIAMS - It's Gotta Be Magic (02:50)
    Rec2Aug'77 for "Country Boy" album
  16. DON WILLIAMS - Your Sweet Love (02:40)
    Rec 13Nov'74 for "Don Williams Volume Two" album
  17. DON WILLIAMS - Listen To The Radio (03:11)
    On "Listen To The Radio" album - No.75 (UK) in April '82
  18. DON WILLIAMS - Love Me Over Again (02:57)
    Another No.1 country hit - from "Portrait" album
  19. DON WILLIAMS - All I'm Missing Is You (03:24)
    Rec7July'78 for "Expressions" album
  20. DON WILLIAMS - You're My Best Friend (02:48)
    A No.1 country hit in 76 which was Don's 2nd UK top 40 hit

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