Gram Parsons: Grievous Angel (with Emmylou Harris) CD Track Listing

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Gram Parsons Grievous Angel (with Emmylou Harris) (1974)
(c)1974 Reprise Records/Warner Bros USA, MS 2171\r\n(p) by Gram Parsons \r\n
This country cd contains 10 tracks and runs 37min 0sec.
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  1. Gram Parsons - Return of the Grievous Angel (04:25)
    Songwriter: Gram Parsons\r\n
  2. Gram Parsons - Hearts on Fire (03:52)
    Songwriter: Tom Guidera and Walter Egan\r\n
  3. Gram Parsons - I Can't Dance (02:23)
    Songwriter: Tom T. Hall\r\n
  4. Gram Parsons - Brass Buttons (03:30)
    Songwriter: Gram Parsons\r\n
  5. Gram Parsons - $1000 Wedding (05:09)
    Songwriter: Gram Parsons\r\n
  6. Gram Parsons - Cash On The Barrelhead (live) (02:28)
    Songwriter: Ira and Charlie Louvin\r\n
  7. Gram Parsons - Hickory Wind (live) (03:59)
    Songwriter: Gram Parsons and Bob Buchanon\r\n
  8. Gram Parsons - Love Hurts (03:42)
    Songwriter: Boudleaux Bryant\r\n
  9. Gram Parsons - Las Vegas (03:33)
    Songwriter: Gram Parsons and Rik Grech\r\n
  10. Gram Parsons - In My Hour of Darkness (03:50)
    Songwriter: Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris\r\n

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