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Joan Baez The Complete A&M Recordings - Disc 2 of 4 (2003)
The Complete A&M Recordings - Disc 2 of 4\n2003 A&M Records, Inc.\n\n'Come From The Shadows' LP Originally Released 1972\n'Where Are You Now, My Son?' LP Originally Released 1973\n'Gracias A La Vida' LP Originally Released 1974\n'Diamonds & Rust' LP Originally Released 1975\n'From Every Stage' LP Originally Released 1976\n'Gulf Winds' LP Originally Released October 1976\n\nCompilation Released September 23, 2003\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: A month-and-a-half after the release of her first studio recording in six years, and perhaps her finest recording since 1975's Diamonds & Rust, Joan Baez's complete A&M recordings offer a revelatory view of the artist at her most adventurous. Baez's tenure with A&M lasted from 1972-1976 and yielded five studio albums, a live recording, and three non-album singles. All of them are included here on four CDs with gorgeously remastered sound, a deluxe package with exhaustive, insightful, and unflinching liner notes by Arthur Levy, and a package that should win a Grammy for design and presentation if nothing else. \n\nBaez, regarded in the popular culture at large as a "folk" or "topical" singer (the latter term she would not refute, the former hasn't fit her for some time), has always been a restless artist. This box set offers proof that Baez's switch to A&M -- then an independent, now swallowed whole by Universal -- from Vanguard, facilitated a virtual renaissance for her not just creatively, but on the charts as well. This reappraisal is necessary, given Baez's most recent recordings have reflected another shift in her sound and concerns, away from being a songwriter to being an interpreter of fine, edgy, roots songs by a whole slew of younger writers -- and her seeming embrace of the electric guitar. The earliest evidence of Baez's rambling vision can be heard on her experimental album Baptism, from 1968. Upon moving to A&M, and recording from her Nashville studio base, Baez released her self-produced Come From The Shadows (with help from Norbert Putnam), featuring -- like her latter day Vanguard recordings -- a host of Nashville's finest musicians, which included David Paul Briggs, Pete Drake, Kenneth A. Buttrey, Charlie McCoy, and Grady Martin. It was certainly a political record, but it also included the stunning "Love Song To A Stranger," and her sister Mimi Fari


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  1. Joan Baez - Rider Pass By (04:14)
  2. Joan Baez - Best Of Friends (03:05)
  3. Joan Baez - Windrose (03:43)
  4. Joan Baez - Gracias A La Vida (Here's To Life) (03:35)
  5. Joan Baez - Llego Con Tres Heridas (I Come With Three Wounds) (02:15)
  6. Joan Baez - La Llorona (The Weeping Woman) (03:40)
  7. Joan Baez - El Preso Numero Nueve (Prisoner Number Nine) (03:25)
  8. Joan Baez - Guantanamera (03:53)
  9. Joan Baez - Te Recuerdo Amanda (02:34)
  10. Joan Baez - Dida (03:36)
  11. Joan Baez - Cucurrucucu Paloma (04:31)
  12. Joan Baez - Paso Rio (I Pass A River) (00:56)
  13. Joan Baez - El Rossinyol (The Nightingale) (03:04)
  14. Joan Baez - De Colores (In Colors) (02:29)
  15. Joan Baez - Las Madres Cansadas (All The Weary Mothers Of The Earth (People's Union No. 1) (02:57)
  16. Joan Baez - No Nos Moveran (We Shall Not Be Moved) (03:42)
  17. Joan Baez - Esquinazo Del Guerrillero (The Guerilla's Serenade) (02:43)
  18. Joan Baez - Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye (03:25)
  19. Joan Baez - Where's My Apple Pie? (04:01)
  20. Joan Baez - Forever Young (03:55)
  21. Joan Baez - Diamonds And Rust (04:46)
  22. Joan Baez - Fountain Of Sorrow (04:30)
  23. Joan Baez - Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer (02:44)

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