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Emmylou Harris The Ballad Of Sally Rose (West German ''Target'' Pressing) (1985)
Originally Released 1985\nCD Edition Released 1987 ???\nImport CD Edition Released by WEA International June 30, 1998\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: This is one of the most intriguing albums of Emmylou Harris' career, and that is saying a lot. It marked the first album where she wrote or co-wrote all the songs, and the strength of the songwriting makes one wonder why she had never attempted it before. One can tell that this album is truly a labor of love, as it is a semi-autobiographical concept album that she also co-produced. It tells the story of a girl from a small town who gets taken under the wing of singer that takes her (and her angelic voice) out on the road. (The story mirrors her relationship with Gram Parsons, although it is a fictional account of the life of another woman.) As a concept album, it only partly holds together; one must read the liner notes to get a true feeling for the story. However, Emmylou Harris sounds particularly inspired, and the songs themselves are strong both musically and lyrically. As expected, she truly shines on the slower ballads such as "Diamond in My Crown" and the closer "Sweet Chariot." While not essential for casual fans, it is an interesting album worth tracking down for Emmylou Harris fans (the album is not easily available in the U.S.). -- Vik Iyengar \n \nAmazon.com Customer Review\nThe Sgt. Pepper of Country Music, August 1, 2003 \nReviewer: B. Borgerson "cybertrooth" (Ashland, OR United States) \nThis may be the most overlooked album in pop/country music. One reason is because it never had a big radio hit. But that misses the point. This is not a collection of songs; it is a stunningly cohesive work of art. You don't listen to Sally Rose in bits and pieces; you sit down and listen to the whole thing (preferably in a dark room by yourself) and watch it like a movie. Relax, visualize, and let the music and the story take you away. If you get to the end and you don't have shivers up and down your spine and tears forming in the corners of your eyes, well, you weren't really paying attention.\n\nSally Rose is a glaring omission on all those lists of "Best 100 Albums of All Time." Admittedly the sonics are slighlty sub-par for Emmy; it was first generation digital and the bugs hadn't all been worked out. But once you get used to the slightly thin sound, you're in for an extrordinary musical and emotional experience. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nEmmylou's Answer to Willie's Red Headed Stranger, July 28, 2003 \nReviewer: Steve Perreira (California) \nI have many Emmylou Harris albums. This one is my favorite. I enjoy story line recordings, like Willy Nelson's "Red Headed Stranger" and Waylon Jenning's "Honky Tonk Heroes." As far as I know, Emmy Lou is the only Country Female star to tightly weave a life story theme into one of her albums, and she does it better than the outlaw boys. The song lyrics are superb, as is the performance. This one will play faithfully for all moods. For Emmy Lou fans, this is a must have. You won't need to backtrack on the good songs here, it's all good! California buyers beware, too many purchasers will bring down our fragile electrical grid on account of maniacal replays during peak load. Otherwise, in the other 49 states, Enjoy! \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nIt Would Make A Great Movie, March 10, 2004\nReviewer: Christina Kelley (Los Angeles, CA) \nI was just here to look for the song by Emmylou that was played during the closing credits of The Sopranos last week, but while searching through her catalog was surprised to discover that this CD, probably her best ever, is only available as an import. What a travesty! \nA little background...The Ballad Of Sally Rose is the first "concept album" ever in Country music. Talk around the time it was released was that the songs were inspired by the romantic relationship between Emmylou and Gram Parsons, but only one person knows that really, and she's never confirmed it. \n\nThe story that's told in the CD is of a half Indian girl named Sally Rose who grows up on a reservation after her father abandons the family. She leaves the reservation, as the opening song goes "with stars in her eyes and greater expectations" and soon joins a band as a guitar player. While on stage one night a huge star is in the audience and falls in love with her at first sight. She joins his band, they get married, but he starts cheating on her before being killed on the road in a traffic accident. Heartbroken, she continues with the band, and is now the biggest star around with sell-outs everywhere they play. But she's all bummed out without him and decides to retire and buy a radio station to play nothing but his music 24 hours a day. Then she dies and goes to heaven.\n\nGreat story, huh?\n\nBut, just wait until you hear the music! Background singers include Linda Rondstadt, Dolly Parton and Waylon Jennings, and you can hear them really belt it out on some beautiful vocal arrangements. There are ballads, two-steps, and rocking songs on this CD, acoustic and full band songs. It's one of the best ever. I still can't believe it's an import. Get it while you still can.\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nOne of Country's Gems, September 19, 2003\nReviewer: "timberlandko" (NW Wisconsin USA) \nThis album belongs on any Emmylou fan's "Must Have" list, whatever it takes to find it. A powerful, cohesive concept piece, it should be listened to straight through, with no distractions. "Woman Walk the Line" is absolutely stunning, and "Sweet Chariot" can be heard again and again and again, and never grow stale. Really, this album is the progenitor of the TRIO albums, and features many of the same performers. Every song is Emmylou's, and while some have been covered by other artists, Emmy does it best. If unforgetable solos, impeccable harmonies, haunting renditions, straight-to-the-point lyrics, and superb production are your thing, this is your album.\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nEXCELLENT ALBUM, bad CD, July 1, 2002\nReviewer: Noel Pratt (Washington, DC United States) \nYep, I'm another who paid double price, but for a European pressing (which it still may be here) that is dulled and cloudy-sounding. Really too bad. Don't people test these things? Proud to say Emmylou is a Virginia girl from around where I grew up. This is my favorite country album.\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nTHE BEST EMMYLOU HARRIS ALBUM !!!!, April 18, 2001\nReviewer: "use_soap" (South Pasadena, CA, USA) \nThis really is THE BEST Emmylou Harris album. Since this title is not available in the USA (sigh), I first listened to one of the songs from this album thru "Portraits" the 3-cd box set. "Sweet Chariot" is just marvelous, marvelous. Then I searched the net to find samples for almost all of the songs from this album, and they're all awesome ! So I got myself the import CD from Germany. Let's hope someday there's a US remastered version of "Ballad of Sally Rose," just like "Cimarron" and "Last Date."\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nPure country AMBROSIA!!!!!, September 28, 1999\nReviewer: A music fan\nThis is not only Emmylou's best collection of songs, it is one of the finest collections of folk/country that has ever been made! Please re-issue it!!!! because it is impossible to find this one used! The people who have them are'nt letting go!!! And those of us who want it will pay double!!\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nThe most fascinating album Emmylou Harris has released., September 26, 1999\nReviewer: A music fan\nTHE BALLAD OF SALLY ROSE is much more than just an album. For starters it is one of Emmylou Harris' most fascinating collections, one you just have to hear from start to finish. Each song defines a small piece of the story. The material Emmylou Harris and Paul Kennerly wrote for the album is consistent and remarkable. Uptempo numbers like "White Line", "Bad News", and "K-S-O-S" are flawlessly done and instantly enjoyable. Where the album leaves it's mark is on the slower, more intense material. "Diamond In My Crown" is warm, touching, and uplifting. It is a song that mixes strenght and beauty into something everyone should hear. "Timberline" is a graceful acoustic song, with a beautifully harmonized ending. "Sweet Chairot" has the most awesome vocal arrangements on disc, demanding a second listen. "Women Walk The Line" is a power ballad with Emmylou Harris delievering incredible vocals. "The Sweetheart Of The Rodeo" is a well done western piece. The storyline is best told through the titletrack, "Rythym Guitar", and "Long Tall Sally Rose". The only unfortunate thing about THE BALLAD OF SALLY ROSE is that it is not easily available. If you see it, buy it, you won't regret it. MATT COKER\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nBest Emmylou Harris Album I know of, October 17, 1998\nReviewer: A music fan\nThis should be Emmylou Harris' ultimate album. She wrote it (with some help and some medleys) pretty much entirely, and it holds together as a "concept" album better than Rick Wakeman's 'Journey...", which is saying something.\nOk, the story is PURE Nashville "my dog died". So what? The music is BEAUTIFUL.\n\nThe beginning (Ballad of Sally Rose) is a setup, both musically and plotwise, that does the album well. The change, as it were, in "Diamond in my Crown" is wonderful, and the ending, well, um, good for grabbing a few hankies.\n\nBut the music is WONDERFUL, even if the plot is a wee bit traditional and predictable.\n\nIt's a shame this one isn't currently available.\n\nHalf.com Album Credits\nGail Davies, Contributing Artist\nLinda Ronstadt, Contributing Artist\nPorter Wagoner, Contributing Artist\nVince Gill, Contributing Artist\nWaylon Jennings, Contributing Artist\nDonivan Cowart, Engineer\nEmmylou Harris, Producer\nPaul Kennerley, Producer\n\nAlbum Notes\nPersonnel: Emmylou Harris (vocals, acoustic guitar); Hank DeVito (acoustic & electric guitars, pedal steel guitar, dobro); Paul Kennerley (acoustic & electric guitars); Barry Tashian, Bobby Thompson (acoustic guitar, banjo); Emory Gordy, Jr. (acoustic guitar, bass); Albert Lee (guitar, mandolin); Vince Gill (electric guitar, background vocals); Ray Flacke (electric guitar); Philip Donelly (electric slide guitar); Waylon Jennings (guitar); Buddy Spicher (fiddle); Steve Cash, Gary Scruggs (harmonica); Bessyl Duhon (accordion); Shane Keister, John Jarvis (keyboards); Larrie Londin (drums, percussion); Russ Kunkel (drums); Tom Roady (percussion); Gail Davies, Barbara Cowart, Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt (background vocals).\n\nRecorded at Treasure Isle Studios, Nashville, Tennessee.
This country cd contains 13 tracks and runs 36min 20sec.
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  1. Emmylou Harris - The Ballad Of Sally Rose (02:48)
  2. Emmylou Harris - Rhythm Guitar (03:18)
  3. Emmylou Harris - I Think I Love Him + You Are My Flower (01:06)
  4. Emmylou Harris - Heart To Heart (02:32)
  5. Emmylou Harris - Woman Walk The Line (04:08)
  6. Emmylou Harris - Bad News (01:46)
  7. Emmylou Harris - Timberline (02:51)
  8. Emmylou Harris - Long Tall Sally Rose (01:32)
  9. Emmylou Harris - White Line (03:46)
  10. Emmylou Harris - Diamond In My Crown (02:55)
  11. Emmylou Harris - The Sweetheart Of The Rodeo (03:41)
  12. Emmylou Harris - K-S-O-S (Ring Of Fire + Wildwood Flower + Six Days On The Road) (02:50)
  13. Emmylou Harris - Sweet Chariot (02:58)

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