Johnny Western: Have Gun, Will Travel CD Track Listing

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Johnny Western Have Gun, Will Travel
Johnny western and the Sons of the Pioneers\nSpecial Guest Star: Richard Boone\n\nProduced by: Jim Harbert\nTape Compilation by: Keith Bocsher\n\nRecorded in Hollywood, California\nLimited Edition
This country cd contains 12 tracks and runs 34min 52sec.
Freedb: 98082a0c


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  1. Johnny Western - Ballad Of Paladin (01:55)
    (J. Western, R. Boone, S. Rolfe) BMI
  2. Johnny Western - The Guns of Rio Muerto (04:18)
    Narration by Richard Boone\n(J. Western, R. Boone, S. Rolfe) BMI
  3. Johnny Western - The Searchers (03:22)
    (Stan Jones) ASCAP
  4. Johnny Western - Cowpoke (02:49)
    (Stan Jones) ASCAP
  5. Johnny Western - Rolin' Dust (02:25)
    (Stan Jones) ASCAP
  6. Johnny Western - Hannah Lee (02:59)
    (Stan Jones) ASCAP
  7. Johnny Western - Streets Of Laredo (02:33)
    (Arr.: Rex Allen) BMI
  8. Johnny Western - The Long Tall Shadow (02:54)
    (J. Bond, N. Miller) BMI
  9. Johnny Western - The Lillies Grow High (02:33)
    (Stan Jones) ASCAP
  10. Johnny Western - The Cottonwood Tree (02:47)
    (Stan Jones) ASCAP
  11. Johnny Western - Nineteen Men (02:38)
    (C. Sorenson, J. Shane) ASCAP
  12. Johnny Western - The Last Roundup (03:31)
    (Billy Hill) ASCAP

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