Ion Petre Stoican: Sounds from a Bygone Age, Vol. 1 CD Track Listing

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Ion Petre Stoican Sounds from a Bygone Age, Vol. 1 (2005)
Ion Petre Stoican (1930/c1990): leader, violin, vocals\nNicu Sapteluni, Marian Grigore, Matei Niculescu, Guta "Toi" Vasile, Nicu Manole: violin\nCostel Vasilescu: trumpet\nMieluta Bibescu, Grigore Vasile: clarinet\nIonica Minune, Viorel Fundament: accordion\nToni Iordache (1942/1988): tambal [cimbalom]\nMihai "Rita" Gheorghe, Fane Negrila: double-bass\nPrincipally recorded (with the above roster) by Vasile Sabana at Tomis Studio, Bucharest RO-B, mid-1970s, with some unspecified smaller portion poss. recorded with Gheorghe Zamfir's Orchestra in 1966.\nMost tracks originally released as "Ion Petre Stoican: Muzica lautareasca", Electrecord LP ST-EPE 02166 (1977); some poss. released in 1966 on a four-cut Electrecord EP.\nMost tracks arranged by Toni Iordache from traditional Romanian wedding songs.\nMastered by Marc Elsner at Headroom Studio, Berlin DE-BE, 2005.\nExecutive producers: Henry Ernst, Helmut Neumann\nInfo & liner-notes: \nSee also .\nCD: Asphalt Tango CD-ATR 0805 (2006-01-10), EAN 4015698635126.
This country cd contains 15 tracks and runs 45min 5sec.
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  1. Ion Petre Stoican - Hora lui Sile (03:33)
  2. Ion Petre Stoican - Hora de la Constanta (02:39)
  3. Ion Petre Stoican - Mosule, te-as intreba (04:36)
  4. Ion Petre Stoican - Hora de la Oltenita (02:37)
  5. Ion Petre Stoican - Ia-ti mireasa, ziua buna (08:33)
  6. Ion Petre Stoican - Hora lui Mihalea (02:32)
  7. Ion Petre Stoican - Chiar daca dau de necaz (02:45)
  8. Ion Petre Stoican - Melodia lui Sile (02:15)
  9. Ion Petre Stoican - Hora lautareasca (03:11)
  10. Ion Petre Stoican - Briu din Oltenita (01:45)
  11. Ion Petre Stoican - Hora de joc de la Oltenita (01:39)
  12. Ion Petre Stoican - Hora (02:40)
  13. Ion Petre Stoican - S
  14. Ion Petre Stoican - Hora de la Luceni (01:29)
  15. Ion Petre Stoican - S

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