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Rosanne Cash Rules of Travel (2003)
Originally Released March 25, 2003\n\nAMG EXPERT level, Rules of Travel distinguishes itself. Awriting, Rosanne Cash delivers plenty of compellingly comparable in quality to the album's twoe comes up with fresh and intriguing chord changes toand choruses on the title track, and images whosee perfectly fits the early-morning mumble of Steve Change for You." On "September When It Comes," she more homespun, folkloric imagery that suits hered, timeless rumble. The production values change veryording to what best suits each song, from thed roots rock saunter of "Hope Against Hope" to theswing of "Will You Remember Me" to the stark acoustic"Western Wall." Though her voice is hardly the moststrument in country music, Cash knows how to compensatean understated approach to more quietly highlight thea song. Given the quality of what she gives herself toon Rules of Travel, it's a method that can't miss. ~erschuk\n\nAmazon.com Editorial Review\nIt's oddlyhat Rosanne Cash's first No. 1 country hit was "Seven As it turns out, it's been seven long years since herlbum, 1996's 10 Song Demo, and though she'd written anrth of songs after that, her voice suddenly gave outyp on her vocal chords. Thanks to voice therapy, Cash resume singing and recording, and the result is theeautiful Rules of Travel. Tastefully produced byenthal and featuring guest appearances by Sheryl Crow,e, Teddy Thompson, and Johnny Cash, the album is aash's trenchant, soul-baring songs about love andly every song is infused with a brooding melancholy,s with sweet musical hooks ("Closer Than I Appear,"For You"). When you hear the poignant "September Whena duet with her father and one of the album's't help but be stirred hearing them sing, "When thehen and burn away the past/they will fly me like anace where I can rest." Rules of Travel is an impressiveeturn from one of our most giftedce, by the way, sounds as good as ever. --David Hillom Customer Review\n3.5 Stars, September 12, 2003A music fan \nAs usual, we're treated to wonderfullyories wrapped in elegant, form-fitting melodies and of the most expressive voices in popular music. Innds better than ever. But for me - a fan of 20 years -mething missing. Maybe it's not enough Rosanne-pennede it's the arrangements, tasteful, immaculate but maybearid (I know she's married to her producer but I wisha different director for her next project - one whoo comfy and might bring out new qualities). The album,s weighty topics, feels a tad light. And another thinges and bothers me is the inclusion of "Western Wall"ond straight release. Yes, it's a GREAT song, but thenten many great songs. She says it's reprised on RULES husband felt it didn't receive the attention itme around. Well, that's a very odd notion. For one imagine that very many people who buy RULES won't0 SONG DEMO. Besides, the song DID get a lot ofs covered on Linda & Emmylou's platinum duet was named .... Western Wall. Plus, there's reallyout this version aside from a very minor tweaking ofrding to Rosanne). Instead, I wish she had included theerful and equally great My Secret Life (from Randyduet project project), which in fact did NOT receive asntion as it deserved and would've provided her fansg of a rarity, and which also would've fit nicely,nd sonically, on RULES. These gripes and reservationsourse you should buy this album -- it's better than 99%her albums released this year. \n\nAmazon.com Customersanne Cash's Amazing Journey, April 25, 2004hy Brough "author and music buff" (Springfield, PA\nI had kind of forgotten what a unique voice Rosanneen over the years until I saw her play a brief live setcal cable channel in Philadelphia. As soon as I hearde wonderful title song and the poignant "Last StopI knew I had to find this CD. I'm glad I'veive, husky voice again, especially having heard theut her near seven year fight to regain her voice aftere discovered on her vocal cords.\n\n"The Rules Ofly Rosanne's best album since the dark "Interiors," the of her breakup with then husband Rodneyons on the pain of love and loss, her voice conveys they melancholy that first struck me with its honesty backe Moon With Heartache" made me a fan. Producer and newhn Leventhal frames each song with great care, makingppearances sound like more than random duets. Steve gritty tone to "I'll Change For You," underscoringltimate falsity. As much as the change is wished for,way it's ever going to come. Teddy Thompson (son ofichard Thompson) has picked up the same kind ofnce his father has mastered over the years for "Three" (Which, by the way, is one of three songs Rosanne dida hand in wirting, but was cowritten by Marc Cohn ofMemphis" fame. Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers and Joecontribute good work.) \n\nBut the best of the lot hastember When It Comes," a duet with Rosanne's fatherrtainly becomes hard to remain separated from the songlder Cash sings "They will fly me like an angel to arest." It's an amazing moment on a great album. Maybe't break back into the spotlight with "The Rules Ofif you're reading this, you can certainly do your part yourself a copy. \n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nAfterlence, Cash Returns With A Masterpiece, August 18,: Jef Fazekas (Newport Beach, California United name for yourself can be tough when your parent hasuered the same field. This can be said about almost anyn. In the music industry, one need look no farther thanrs of Julian Lennon, Louise Goffin and, more recently,n, Simon Collins and Sally and Ben Taylor. One artistged the second generation bullet is Rosanne Cash; over4 years, she has developed a critically acclaimed andy successful career with her own unique brand ofck & folk. That's why it was so odd when she justpear six years ago. Now, after the birth of her son,ry) loss of her voice due to vocal polyps and severeck, Cash has returned with her most assured, deeplye to date. Make no mistake....there's a darkness andULES OF TRAVEL that's a tad bit daunting upon yourens. However, much like the March Hare in "Aliceing Glass", if you stick with it, you'll be rewarded inith a musical Wonderland. Opening the disc ishe best "could-have-been-written-by-Cash-but-wasn't"th it's understated arrangement, upper register notes vocal by Sheryl Crow (I would have liked to seen moreny performance from Crow, though - their voices areher!), this is literate pop at it's best. With lyricsf "Hiked out to the meadow and lay down on the fragrantdown your own tree, then meticulously/Built a crossnd stared back at me/And climbed up on it again", thisd of thoughtful, imaginative writing that just suckssadly, we just don't see enough of today. Next up is, a semi-autobiographical tale that leaves me yearninge other 43 (or would that be 47 now?), each oner in Cash's life, and a corresponding event/story from "I'll Change For You" has to be my favorite song onVEL. I love both Rosanne Cash and Steve Earle to death,er in a million years would have ever thought of themtners. Boy, was I wrong! Their match-up is a stroke ofal genius! With it's soaring chorus ("Cause everything of you/A baby's feet/An old man's smile/A silent's cry/'Til I can do nothing/But change for you"), thissession traverses the depths of a relationship that is,all-consuming and, at it's worst, dangerous: "I'll/I don't care what the books say/I'll change for you/I what my friends say/I'll change for you/And I won't." Cash's sultry lead vocal wraps around Earle's gruffulting in a blended vocal track that is both heated andd it doesn't end there....additional touches that are the sequenced backing vocals and the muted horns -a nice, comtemporary touch to the track without The disc's title track is pure pop poetry. Cash hasas saying that finishing "Rules Of Travel" was one ofthat held up the completion of this disc; she wanted toong, particularly the lyrics, just right. Well, sheeptember When It Comes" is delicate and poignant, the recent passing of June Carter Cash. Rosanne'sr and strong, supporting her dad Johnny's weathered,ry in a way only a child could support a parent. Markis track WILL win a Grammy next year! Next up is "Hopepe", penned by Jakob Dylan and Joe Henry. There's this track that reminds me of Cash's version of "All albeit more grown-up, whatwith it's propulsive viberegret-tinged lyrics ("This won't stop 'til I do/'til Ikill the thought/Of everything I could have said/Ofwished I'd not"). Brilliant! Capitol should rushthe second single! "Will You Remember Me" has a gentle,uality to it, with a sterling vocal that may just rankCash's five all-time best! At first I wasn't all thatth "Three Steps Down" - it seemed like too much of alot of past Cash material - but then I REALLY listenedt's when the lyrics kicked in for me ("The dead ares the room/Where candles burn and shadows loom" and "Sown/It's like water after wine") and this wonderfullycame alive. "Closer Than I Appear" is then the CD, with a searing vocal, tinkling, pumpingure perfect percussion and hand claps (anything with the epitome of cool!). "Western Wall", a carry-over10 SONG DEMO, is a bit more fleshed out here, but it'seeply haunting and thoughtfully beautiful ("I don'tas ever a man/But if she was, I think I understand/Why place to break his fall/Near the Wastern Wall"). RULES closes with the hushed "Last Stop Before Home." Withfelt lyrics ("I am the keeper of a very old flame/It'signored but it's not been completely in vain"), thise commenting on a love affair or Cash's musicalhe case may be, the song closes the CD on a perfecturchase your ticket, settle into your seat, crack openvolume of thoughts and feelings and introduce yourselfES OF TRAVEL, my frontrunner for 2003's Album of thezon.com Customer Review\nThe Long Journey, August 2,er: Lee Armstrong (Winterville, NC United States)\nIt'sars since Rosanne's last Capitol CD "10 Song Demo"; son a long journey to get to this new release. On "Rules Rosanne comes into her own as a songwriter. The lovelytern Wall" that was the title track for the Lindalou Harris CD is a lovely acoustic melody. The two set are from Craig Northey of the underrated pop bandob's son Jakob Dylan of the Wallflowers. Northey'sn" is an exquisite melody with Cash's restrained vocalsl Crow's harmony while Dylan's "Hope Against Hope" is aody with producer (and husband) John Leventhal's basseat insurgent energy. My favorite track is the titles distinctive melody and great lyric, "We learn theel inside each other's hearts." Teddy Thompson, who is famous musicians Richard & Linda and has his ownoins Rosanne on "Three Steps Down" penned by Leventhalohn, "The dead are dancing 'cross the room wherehadows loom." All of the tracks are amazingly stronger Johnny joining on "September When It Comes" andduet on "I'll Change for You." If I had anym, it'd be that on tracks like "Closer Than I Appear" Ie preferred to hear Shawn Pelton's drums mixed moreo really propel the beat and make an excellent trackkbuster classic recording. This is a breathtakingnne. Bravo!\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nBigm a major talent, April 30, 2003\nReviewer: BarrettD.C. United States) - See all my reviews \nRoseanne proved herself one of the finest singer-songwriters inal genre. Despite a couple of good cuts, however,l" is little more than an echo of such stunning earlier "King's Record Shop," "Interiors," and "The Wheel."al's production may be too glossy at times, but it'sly element that keeps you listening to the new songs atnumbers written by others are mostly formulaic, andmpositions lack the biting insights into the politicsships and making peace with one's past that have alwayser best writing. The mild exceptions are the titleoasts a memorable chorus, and the lover's challengeI Appear." On the plus side, Cash is in fine voice --inest ever. Let's hope that the next album finds herwriting form as well.\n\nAmazon.com Customer "The Wheel", March 29, 2003\nReviewer: Invisiboy2001001" (Chicago, IL United States) - See all my reviewsart by saying I have been a huge Rosanne Cash fan froming. Her amazing voice and spectacular song-writingenthralled for more than twenty years. And that's why Ially sad to report that her new CD falls a little shortality that I have come to expect from such a talenteding artist.\nThis album relies heavily on the sound onerior 1993 effort "The Wheel," both artistically and. I think a lot of this is due to John Leventhal's the producer. In general, Leventhal relies heavily onong introductions and glossy, overproduced sounds that,ases, work against the songs' meanings--and not in aelevates the song's message or is compelling to then chronologically listening to Cash's "The Wheel," "A Few Small Repairs" and "Whole New You" (alsonthal), and "Rules of Travel," it becomes prettyle Leventhal is an adequate songwriter, he is aen it comes to producing. I cannot help but wonder howuld have sounded had a different producer (such as been hired instead. (Of course, because Leventhal andarried, his involvement is understandable.)\n\nOn a, Rosanne's Cash's song-writing on "Rules" is asr. Since 1990's "Interiors," I have admired how Cash in the face of mortality and asks the hard questions,ile maintaining grace and composure. This aspect of herines brightly on the track "September When It Comes," aduet with her father, the spectacular Johnny include "Last Stop Before Home," "Rules Of Travel,"ies." My only complaint about the song-writing is thatnot enough songs written by Cash herself. I read an Depression magazine in which Cash states that she getsher own thoughts and longs to interpret other artist's I cannot help but feel a little short-changed,e she is one of the great American songwriters rightll the tracks, the most curious appearance on this CD Wall." I am baffled why this song is included. It wasn 1996's amazing "10 Song Demo," and was subsequently a duet by Emmylou Harris and Linda Ronstadt on theire same name. This newer version by Cash is notnt than her previous version, nor does the song fit in's theme as effectively as other songs from "Demo"ch as "The Summer I Read Collette" and "Bells And which have a strong "travelling" message).\n\nOverall, good CD..it is Rosanne Cash, after all! But it's notive of Rosanne Cash's finest work, and it is certainlyst album. (Also, the CD contains only 11 songs and runsminutes, which is too short for an album these days.) to experience Cash's song-writing (untethered by), check out "Interiors" and expecially "10 Song Demo."mmended is "The Wheel," which is slightly overproducedic nonetheless.\n\nAmazon.com Customer Review\nGetRegret It., March 26, 2003\nReviewer: R. M. Ettingerleveland Heights, OH USA)\nI think it would benne Cash to make a bad album. She's one of those't really fit into one particular genre, which is ahis album is no exception. Her vocals are strong. Hers are good. She's always been a more than credibleeck out "44 Stories") and a great interpreter of other's work ("Hope Against Hope" and "Beautiful Pain" =of Travel' has a good mix of both.\nWhile perusing herh.com, tracking the making of this album and listening songs Captiol Records put on their website, a fewe. The inclusion of two previously released tracks" and "September When it Comes"); the amount of' on this recording and some production values. For the - all were laid to rest upon a full listening of thed figured that 7 yrs between albums it would be all new "Western Wall" isn't much (at all?) different than it '10 Song Demo'. I thought maybe it would be moreut it's not. Still a great song though. I will admit nobly picked up 'Transatlantic Sessions' (a compilation "September When it Comes". The song is absolutely that original recording. \n\nAfter listening to 'Rules', all but one of my 'featured artists' concernsiful Pain" is a good opener and Sheryl Crow (whom Ims she will appear on anything for anyone at anytime)it. She's almost backing vocal and her name was slappedme recognition and potential sales tie-ins. "I'll w/Steve Earle is extremely good and his rougher voices hers perfectly. I'll be the first to admit that Iom Teddy Thompson, but I really really like his harmony"Three Steps Down". And maybe I'm too wedded to the solo) version of "September When it Comes" (and I willbe the only dissenting vote on this), but the additionCash not only doesn't add anything, but takes away fromnal. The 'Rules' arrangement/instrumentation is altered'Transatlantic Sessions' - the latter of which I foundthan most of Rosanne's previous work.\n\nMy productioname with the few songs I had heard before the album's is nothing horrid, just a bit distracting atal seemingly incorporated familiar production values in. I swear I hear Shawn Colvin's "84,000 DifferentI'll Change for You" and "The Rules of Travel" hasther Colvin's "Sunny Came Home" or "Facts About Jimmy"t of This House". I can't quite place it. Also, theres of "Three Steps Down" is extremely reminiscent of Angel". Though Leventhal didn't produce anything forr than 'The Wheel' - some things seem holdovers fromuctions ("Closer Than I Appear" could have been fromRomance'). All of this is good. I find the balance of very appealing.\n\nHalf.com Album Credits\nJohnnyting Artist\nSheryl Crow, Contributing Artist\nSteveibuting Artist\nTeddy Thompson, Contributingal, Producer\n\nAlbum Notes\nPersonnel: Rosanne Cashtar); Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash, Steve Earle, Teddyls); John Leventhal (guitar, Wurlitzer piano,rcussion); Rick Depofi (tenor saxophone); Tony Kadler); Larry Farrell (trombone); Doug Petty (organ); Zevupright bass); Michael Rhodes (bass); Dennis McDermott,ton (drums, percussion); Matt Keeler (drums); Catherinebackground vocals).\n\nRecorded at 12th Street Studio,, and New York Noise, New York, New York; Cash Cabinersonville, Tennessee; Nashville, Tennessee.\n\nRULESas nominated for the 2004 Grammy Award for Best Album.\n\nRosanne Cash started out at the vanguard ofe country in the late '70s, but although you can't haveots in country music than Johnny Cash's eldest child,had a broader vision in mind. Her definitive farewellcame with 1993's THE WHEEL and she hasn't looked back one more album popped out in the 10 years between thatlestone and RULES OF TRAVEL, but it sounds like it wasspent.With country ever further behind her, Cash goes, dark, introspective singer/songwriter path via duskyering with hurt, regret, and hard lessonsbut-not-pretentious lyrics are expertly framed byr/multi-instrumentalist John Leventhal, who plays thee of the instruments and leads his wife toward a sonicdissimilar to that of his cohort Shawn Colvin (a crisppop amalgam). Guest appearances by the likes of Steveig Daddy Cash himself make for some variety, but it'strenchant, concise songwriting that's the star of this
This country cd contains 11 tracks and runs 39min 7sec.
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  1. Rosanne Cash - Beautiful Pain (02:50)
  2. Rosanne Cash - 44 Stories (03:19)
  3. Rosanne Cash - I'll Change for You (03:50)
  4. Rosanne Cash - Rules of Travel (03:54)
  5. Rosanne Cash - September When It Comes (03:40)
  6. Rosanne Cash - Hope Against Hope (03:56)
  7. Rosanne Cash - Will You Remember Me (02:41)
  8. Rosanne Cash - Three Steps Down (03:45)
  9. Rosanne Cash - Closer Than I Appear (03:38)
  10. Rosanne Cash - Western Wall (02:57)
  11. Rosanne Cash - Last Stop Before Home (04:31)

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