Lefty Frizzell: American Originals CD Track Listing

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Lefty Frizzell American Originals
This country cd contains 5 tracks and runs 28min 9sec.
Freedb: 35069705


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  1. Lefty Frizzell - Saginaw Michican/ Mom And Dad Waltz (03:05)
  2. Lefty Frizzell - Long Black Veil/A Little Unfair (03:03)
  3. Lefty Frizzell - Don't Stay Away (Til Love Grows Old)/She's Gone, Gone, Gone (03:04)
  4. Lefty Frizzell - Always Late (With Your Kisses)/Look What Thoughts Will Do (02:28)
  5. Lefty Frizzell - I Want To Be With You Always/Forever (And Always) (16:25)

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