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Red Meat Meet Red Meat
Red Meat is San Francisco's premiere hardcore honky-tonk band. Composed chiefly of expatriate\nMidwesterners, this crew has country roots that run pretty deep. Red Meat has recently released its first\nCD, "Meet Red Meat" on Ranchero Records. The CD features twelve original songs, all penned by band\nmember Scott Young. The songs reflect the influences of such country artists as George Jones, The\nLouvin Brothers and Hank Williams but the subject matter runs the gamut from big-haired women and\ntrucks to voice-mail and tattoos. Check out our CD page for more info on the CD and how to order it.\n\nPerforming regularly in the Bay Area club scene for the last six years, Red Meat has recently toured the\nSouthwest with stops in Austin, San Antonio and L.A. (blowing the doors off Jack's Sugar Shack). Word\nhas arrived from the continent that Red Meat's "Texas, Texas" has reached number five on the French\nCountry Music Charts and the CD has been well-received throughout Europe. Sacre bleu! \n\nMake no mistake, Red Meat is San Francisco's prime choice for high cholesterol honky-tonk. Featuring a\nwailing steel guitar, hot fiddle and tight harmonies, this is a band that is guaran-damn-teed to bring out the\nredneck in you.\nURL: http://home.earthlink.net/~lesjames/index.htm "Red Meat's Home"
This country cd contains 12 tracks and runs 30min 16sec.
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  1. Red Meat - 14 Hours from Tulsa (02:31)
  2. Red Meat - Highway of Heartaches (02:39)
  3. Red Meat - Nashville Fantasy (01:30)
  4. Red Meat - Inner Redneck (02:49)
  5. Red Meat - Lolita (02:12)
  6. Red Meat - Texas Texas (02:03)
  7. Red Meat - The Girl with the Biggest Hair (02:17)
  8. Red Meat - My Answered Prayer (01:38)
  9. Red Meat - One Glass at a Time (03:22)
  10. Red Meat - She's Too Good to be True (03:41)
  11. Red Meat - Phone Tag (03:34)
  12. Red Meat - 12 Inch 3 Speed Oscillating Fan (01:52)

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