Brent Bingham: One Nation Under God CD Track Listing

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Brent Bingham One Nation Under God
Brent Bingham - "One Nation Under God" is a collection of ten songs recorded for the purpose of landing Brent a major recording contract. When the songs were recorded, producer Dave Smith nor Brent did not realize the impact of the song "One Nation Under God" would have on the listeners and fans since the tragic events of 9/11. This album is being released at the request of many fans and in the hopes of provising inspiration to all those who believe this is still One Nation Under God
This country cd contains 10 tracks and runs 35min 9sec.
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  1. Brent Bingham - 1 Nation (04:05)
  2. Brent Bingham - Johnny Be Good (02:58)
  3. Brent Bingham - About Losing You (03:11)
  4. Brent Bingham - Somebody Loves Me (03:28)
  5. Brent Bingham - I'm A Fool Too (03:46)
  6. Brent Bingham - Can't Take A Full Moon (03:40)
  7. Brent Bingham - When I Found You (03:27)
  8. Brent Bingham - The Prophet (03:43)
  9. Brent Bingham - Away With My Heart (03:01)
  10. Brent Bingham - Kooter Brown (03:41)

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