Doc Watson: Arthel 'Doc' Watson - Portrait CD Track Listing

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Doc Watson Arthel 'Doc' Watson - Portrait (1987)
Arrangement: T. Michael Coleman and Doc Watson\n(c)1987 Sugar HillRecords\nLP upc 0158913759150\nLP Katalog: SH-3759\n\nDoc Watson:Guitar, 12-string guitar, Banjo, Harmonica, Autoharp, Vocals\nT.Michael Coleman: Bass\nJack Lawrence: Guitar\nMark O'Connor:Fiddle\nJerry Douglas: Dobro\nSam Bush: Fiddle, Mandolin\nPatMcInery: Percussion\nAlan O'Bryant, Pat Enright, Mike Campton, MarkHembree, T. Michael Coleman: Harmony Vocals; \n
This country cd contains 11 tracks and runs 34min 47sec.
Freedb: 8508250b


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  1. Doc Watson - I'm Worried Now (02:19)
    Songwriter: Doc Watson
  2. Doc Watson - Nobody Knows But Me (03:43)
    Songwriter: E. McWilliams/J. Rodgers (APRS/BMI)
  3. Doc Watson - Leaving London (03:48)
    Songwriter: Tom Paxton (Deep Fork Music, ASCAP)
  4. Doc Watson - Stay In The Middle Of The Road (02:39)
    Songwriter: Trad., Arr. Doc Watson (Hillgreen Music, BMI)
  5. Doc Watson - Risin' Sun Blues (04:17)
    Songwriter: Trad., Arr. Doc Watson (Hillgreen Music, BMI)
  6. Doc Watson - George Gudger's Overalls (03:24)
    Songwriter: L. Hammond (Desert Jewel Songs, BMI)
  7. Doc Watson - Tucker's Barn (02:18)
    Songwriter: Trad., Arr. Doc Watson (Hillgreen Music, BMI)
  8. Doc Watson - Storms On The Ocean (03:37)
    Songwriter: A. P. Carter (APRS/BMI)
  9. Doc Watson - Prayer Bells Of Heaven (02:55)
    Songwriter: Trad., Arr. Doc Watson (Hillgreen Music, BMI)
  10. Doc Watson - Tough Luck Man (02:33)
    Songwriter: C. Ashley (Stormking Music, BMI)
  11. Doc Watson - Blue Eyed Jane (03:07)
    Songwriter: L. White/J. Rodgers (Peer International, BMI)

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