Neil O'Brien: Old Tyme Fiddling CD Track Listing

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Neil O'Brien Old Tyme Fiddling
I am very proud and happy to have had the opportunity to make this recordig with my five sons playing with me. I am only sorry thatmy brother John was unable to play piano on this record as he had wanted to for so many years. I've decided to include a recording of Rubber Dolly taped many years ago in my living room. John is on the piano & vocals and I am playing fiddle.\nI would like to thank all of my sons who worked so hard on his record, especially to Wayne & Gerald for doing this at their recording studio, In-Line Music Productions in Toronto. I would also like to thank my daughter Maureen & my wife Nan who arranged the cover design and credits.\n\nI AM DEDICTING THIS RECORDING TO MY LATE BROTHER JOHN.
This country cd contains 17 tracks and runs 36min 6sec.
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  1. Neil O'Brien - Durang's Hornpipe (01:45)
  2. Neil O'Brien - Biddy The Bowl Wife (02:39)
  3. Neil O'Brien - Varsoviana Waltz (02:20)
  4. Neil O'Brien - Canadian Breakdown (01:53)
  5. Neil O'Brien - Wobbling Goose (02:19)
  6. Neil O'Brien - Jimmy's Favourite Jig (02:00)
  7. Neil O'Brien - Snow Deer (02:10)
  8. Neil O'Brien - Out The Buckhorn Way (01:53)
  9. Neil O'Brien - Swamp Lake Breakdown (01:53)
  10. Neil O'Brien - French Two Step (02:08)
  11. Neil O'Brien - Westphalia Waltz (02:14)
  12. Neil O'Brien - Pigeon On The Pier (01:56)
  13. Neil O'Brien - Johnny Hamlin's Breakdown (02:11)
  14. Neil O'Brien - Wayne's Old Time Waltz (02:38)
  15. Neil O'Brien - Prairie Reel (01:55)
  16. Neil O'Brien - Turkey In The Straw, Soldier's Joy (02:23)
  17. Neil O'Brien - Rubber Dolly (01:38)

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