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Alabama Mountain Music (1982)
Originally Released 1982\nCD Edition Released 1988\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: This is their best effort. The group hadn't quite fallen into any formulas, and as a result, they cover the stylistic gamut pretty well. The title track practically defined what country groups have strived to accomplish, and the group slides easily from sentiment, to social relevance, to out-and-out partying. -- Tom Roland \n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nThird album is a classic, March 23, 2004\nReviewer: P D Harris "Pete the music and horse racing fan" (Leicester England)\nFollowing the huge success of their second album, Feels so right, came this classic album. It yielded three country number one hits. The brilliant title track takes a nostalgic look at mountain music but it is a misleading album title - this is definitely an eighties country album. Take me down is a cover of a song by pop group Exile, who later switched to country and became Alabama's main rivals for a while. The other number one hit, Close enough to perfect, would have been an accurate album title.\nElsewhere, this album contains many excellent songs, both ballads and up-tempo, most notably Green river (a cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival classic), Words at twenty paces and the closing Gonna have a party.\n\nThis is one of Alabama's most successful original albums and deservedly so. You can find the hits on For the record 41 number one hits, but if you want to go beyond that, this should be high on your list of Alabama albums to collect.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nAlabama at it's best!!, February 7, 2004\nReviewer: "rocktoast" (Ferndale, MI United States)\nThis is the record that put Alabama on the map. The first track to the last shows you what 4 musicians who love and respect each other can do. They will always remind me of a girl named Angie, my first love! This is the blueprint for anyone who picks up a Bass, a Guitar, Drumsticks and a Microphone. These Alabama Boys will be missed!!\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nOne of their best efforts, March 31, 2002\nReviewer: Brent H. Williams (Huntington, WV United States)\nMountain Music offers what Alabama is famous for, great music and great harmony all packaged together. The title cut is great, that harmonica and "old man of the mountain" intro is unique. As for "Close Enough to Perfect" if any man sings that song to his lady, she is his forever. The cuteness of "Never Be One" also reminds us of the sadness that our children grow up so fast we hardly know it. There isn't a bad song on the whole CD and will make a good addition to any collection.\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nI LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, April 9, 1999\nReviewer: Casey Meserve (takki@ici.net) (Pembroke, Massachusetts, USA)\nThis was the first album I ever heard and it's one of my favorites. "Mountain Music" is a great song about the good times in life and "Close Enough To Perfect" kills me every time I hear it and the words are just so sweet. The bands version of "Green River" has the same feel of the original. "Take Me Down" has a great beat to it and a cool little thing goin' on. Like I said before this album is great, it's the best album ALABAMA ever did!!!\n\n\nHalf.com Details \nProducer: Alabama, Harold Shedd \n\nAlbum Notes\nAlabama: Randy Owen, Jeff Cook (vocals, guitar); Teddy Gentry (vocals, bass); Mark Herndon (drums).\n\nAdditional personnel: Jack Eubanks, George (Leo) Jackson, Fred Newell, Mark Casstevens, David Hanner, Dale Sellers (guitar); Bruce Watkins (banjo); William Rainsford, Rodger Morris (keyboards); Walter David Smith, Larry Paxton (bass); Hayward Bishop, David Humphreys, Jerry Kroon (drums).\n\nEngineers: Gene Rice, Harold Shedd, Paul Goldberg.\nRecorded at Music Mill, Nashville, Tennessee.\n\nRecorded when Alabama was in its prime, MOUNTAIN MUSIC combines pop rock with country in a very distinctive, always catchy manner. Comprising a variety of tunes ranging from slick rockers to soft, lush ballads, MOUNTAIN MUSIC creates a nice contrast and engages the listener from the very first note to the last. Some of the guitar rock tunes include a meritorious version of John Fogerty's "Green River," and Alabama's own "Never Be One."\n\nHowever, the most poignant songs on MOUNTAIN MUSIC are the slow dances. Songs such as "You Turn Me On," and "Close Enough To Be Perfect" are strong country ballads perfect for cuddling up with a loved one. While the production on this album is very much of its time, the music itself stands up well to contemporary scrutiny.\n\n\nROLLING STONE REVIEW\nThe country-rock tradition that originated with the Eagles and Poco has been kept alive recently by such groups as the Larry Gathn Band, the Oak Ridge Boys and Alabama. All of these outfits are more adept at country than rock, and of the three, Alabama is currently the most successful -- and the least interesting. While lead singer Randy Owen has a pleasant voice and the emotional directness of Merle Haggard, and while some of the tunes on Mountain Music feature charged electric-guitar duels, Alabama lacks the solid adherence to roots that would give their good-time songs some substance. Their most attractive numbers, such as the title song of Mountain Music, sound an awful lot like TV jingles. And all too often they settle for lugubrious pop schlock ("Close Enough to Perfect," "Never Be One") that even Kenny Rogers might be too embarrassed to sing. (RS 370 - May 27, 1982) -- DON SHEWEY
This country cd contains 10 tracks and runs 39min 23sec.
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  1. Alabama - Mountain Music (04:11)
  2. Alabama - Close Enough To Perfect (03:34)
  3. Alabama - Words At Twenty Paces (03:53)
  4. Alabama - Changes Comin' On (06:50)
  5. Alabama - Green River (02:50)
  6. Alabama - Take Me Down (04:53)
  7. Alabama - You Turn Me On (03:10)
  8. Alabama - Never Be One (02:45)
  9. Alabama - Lovin' You Is Killin' Me (03:00)
  10. Alabama - Gonna Have A Party (04:09)

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