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Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris Real Live Roadrunning (2006)
Originally Released November 14, 2006\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Recorded at the Gibson Amphitheatre in California on June 28, 2006, Real Live Roadrunning features live renditions of all of the cuts from Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris' collaboration of the same name, as well as solo cuts from each and Dire Straits classics like "So Far Away" and "Romeo & Juliet." The musicianship is as flawless as expected, but there's not a whole lot to separate the tunes here from their studio sisters. The accompanying DVD is a much better example of the pair's quiet dynamic, allowing both the duo and its talented band a broader spectrum on which to emit their wry tales of love, loss, and life. -- James Christopher Monger\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\n4.5 stars.... buy this instead of the "Roadrunning" studio album, January 14, 2007\nReviewer: Paul Allaer (Cincinnati)\nIn Spring 06, superstar duo Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits fame) and Emmylou Harris issued a long anticipated collaborative album "All the Roadrunning", which for me personally was a bit of a let down, as it felt more like a Knopfler solo-album that featured Emmylou Harris. Last summer they toured together to promote the album, and this CD/DVD combo, released November 06, is the result of it. \n\n"Real Live Roadrunning" brings both a CD and DVD. As to the CD (14 tracks, 75 min.), it becomes immediately clear that this is superior to the studio album and feels much more like a true collaberative effort. The setlist is of course heavy on the "Roadrunning" studio album, as it should be, and there are many stand-outs, like opener "Right Now" and "Red Staggering". There are a couple of Dire Straits tracks as well, but even there, Emmylou gets to contribute significantly, none more than on the concert closer "Why Worry", a gem from the "Brothers in Arms" CD (now 20+ years ago), just beautiful. \n\nThe real beauty in this combo is the DVD (130 min.), which brings the concert in its entirety (something the CD could not do because of CD time limitations). Tracks not on the CD include among others "I Dug Up a Diamond", "Born to Run" (no, not the Springsteen song), "Song for Sonny Listow", and "Belle Star", Emmylou's best contribution to the "Roadrunning" studio album. Best of all is that the editing of the concert maximizes viewing pleasure (PBS-like, compared to, say, MTV-like), thankfully not changing camera angles every 2 seconds or so. The interview and pre-concert bonus features are nice (and short), but not essential. \n\nIn all, this is clearly the better choice if you are tempted to buy "All the Roadrunning" studio album. Truly 2 legends at the top of their game. \n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nLoving It, December 28, 2006\nReviewer: DJW "econofire" (NY)\nI'll confess to not having purchased the Studio version of this Album although I had heard it through a couple times. Since the days of the Nelson Mandela 75th birthday concert, we Mark Knopfler fans have known that his best work is live. So I decided to be patient and wait for the Live version. It was worth the wait. \n\nMy experience with Emmylou begins with this Album, so I will leave it up to some of her fans to comment on her, except to say, that I loved the interplay between she and Mark, and it seemed to me that she truly loved the material she was working with. Mark, on the other hand seemed comfortable to stand back and let the band and Emmylou take the center stage in the music. The final result is a wonder because of it, and the remake of "why worry" and "romeo and juliet" will have you wondering if the new versions were the way they were meant to be recorded to begin with. \n\nMark's writing has reached dizzing heights on this album, both lyrically and muscially, his delivery is unparalled. From antique staggerwing airplanes to heart broken red dirt girls, each song is a bedtime story about simple people simply in love with one another. Grand themes like September 11 and Napoleonic war are mere backround oils for the genuine affection between a man and woman who bask in the spotlight. Going back to the basics in music and lyrics is a common theme these days with several pop stars touring with acoustic bands, but no one seems more at home there than Mark. My only complaint is that some of the lyrics are very hard to distinguish in the audio and you will be reaching for the lyrics often wondering "what did she say?'. \n\nIf you missed this tour as I did, the included DVD will do much to help you ammend for your sins. I suggest watching the interview first, then play the jam session next before settling down to watch the show, otherwise you will miss some important themes in the music, and in how it's presented to the audience. A couple of songs are on the DVD which are not included on the CD also, so make sure you hook up your good speakers for the video. \n\nFinally, if you're considering the purchase for yourself then you are most likley a Mark Knopfler fan. If you liked "Bring on the Night" and "Sailing to Philadelphia" then this is the album for you. However, if you are considering this for a gift, you might better think again. This music is hard to tag in terms of genre. At times it sounds like a true fiddle hoe down, at others it sounds like a traditional celtic pipe band, and the next it rocks. Through it all is masterful lyrics and strings but finding an audience will be difficult at best. \n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nPleasure sublime, November 26, 2006\nReviewer: Jonathan Schaefer (los angeles, ca)\n\nRoad Running was basically my first introduction to MK, having been an ELH fan for years. Roadrunning is an excellent cd; professional musicians, great songs and killer duets. When this concert came to Gibson it was a spur of the moment thing and before I knew it, I was sitting there. \n\nThis dvd is excellent and well worth the price of the admission. I agree that some shots were lacking but then when I looked back on the concert I couldn't really tell they were filming it; where the camers? Well, behind the stage a good part of the time. \n\nThe sad part of that is that they missed the final notes of Speedway at Nazareth which had killer lighting. This is still my favorite piece from the show and what a jaw dropper it was live; great way to be introduced to a new song. Everyone plays together, there is no grandstanding, this is what professional musicans are about. \n\nI never knew ELH had such a sense of humor either, she usually just sings flawlessly and surrounds herself with the best musicians there are. Her 'high school flashback' was funny. Plus the extras on the dvd are great to have, again ELH and her humor, what a treat. \n\nKiller concert, professional, taleneted musicians and I do believe that Guy Fletcher a minor diety. \n\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nGreat Concert, magnificent sound and disappointing images, November 26, 2006\nReviewer: Martin Meyer (Switzerland)\n\nHaving liked All the Roadrunning" and having loved seeing Emmylou and Mark performing together on stage I couldn't wait to get the Real Live Roadrunning" DVD. The recorded concert is great and the sound is magnificent. Sadly the same does not apply for the filming of the concert. In the middle of a song - even while Emmylou or Mark is still singing - the camera goes behind the band and shows us the stars from behind, which is irritating and spoils the atmosphere. Often the heads of the performing artists are "cut off" and several times the images are out of focus. Five stars for Emmylou, five stars for Mark, five stars for the band, six stars for the crew which gave us the sensational sound and minus four stars for the jerks who messed up the images and thereby stopped the fans from getting what could have been a great concert film.\n\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nThis Is Us: This Is Them Emmylou and Mark, November 25, 2006\nReviewer: prisrob "prisrob" (New EnglandUSA)\n\n"Across a dozen duets, pieced together over seven years Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler sing these tunes with deep emotional overtones. Much of this CD relates to the life of an itinerant musician, "trying to juggle family and relationships and just the wear and tear of being in the world". Mark Knopfler \n\nEmmylou says of making this CD," Mark is very much in control and knows what he wants, but on the other hand, he understand the mystical process that happens when you make a record and that record becomes what it is. It has everything to do with the people involved, but there's this other ingredient, of something set in motion. When I heard these songs together, it was so listenable, and I mean that in the most positive way, It a very rich album, musically and lyrically, yet it doesn't requires a lot of work." All of these songs were written by Emmylou and Mark. \n\n"Beachcombing" which starts off the album is evocative of Hurricane Kristina although it was written well before. It is a song about loss, personal and emotional, says Mark, "wreckage washing up all along the coast." \n\n"This is Us", is selected to become the single of this album. It is infectious and many will relate to this. \n\nA lighter touch comes to "Red Staggewring, which is a Cajun-like tune where lovers compare themselves to motorcycles, cars and vintage guitars. \n\nOn "Belle Star", Emmylou compares herself to an old West infamous female outlaw, "Belle Star" and Mark as Jesse James. This banter is reminiscent of Johnny and June Cash in their early albums. \n\n"Donkey Song' as a song written by Mark and meant for an earlier CD. They both enjoyed the freedom and silliness. \n\n"Love and Happiness:" is the only "proper" song that Emmylou says she has written. "You cannot always protect your children and this is my homage to them". \n\n"All the Road Running" paints the picture of the musician always on the road singing about love found and lost, missing family and friends, and life in the fast lane. \n\n"If This Is Goodbye" came out of 9/11. Mark Knopler talks of reading Martin Amis and Ian McEwan, both of whom he found affecting," I remember the McEwan piece honing in on people in the twin towers using their mobiles to make that final phone call home to say "I love you, this is goodbye. If there is anything positive to take from 9/11, that expression of love is surely it." \n\nThis live CD and DVD makes this experience all the more real. Both Emmylou Harris and Mrk Knopfler are making the best music of their lives, and this CD/DVD stamps the mark of excellence on their efforts. Bravo. \n\nThe underlying emotions, the straight from life sessions, the day to day existence on the road of this album, is extraordinary. This Is Them: Emmylou Harris and Mark Knopfler and now "This Is Us", my best friend. So Highly Recommended. \nprisrob 11/25/06 \n\n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nTerrific DVD, Superfluous CD, November 16, 2006\nReviewer: Albert G. Smith Jr. (Daytona Beach, Fl USA)\n\nThis set comes as a CD / DVD combo, but after listening to (and viewing) the DVD, I can't imagine when I would ever listen to the CD. There is nothing wrong with it, but the DVD has more songs and when played through a good home theater with DTS capability, it has an unmatched sound quality. Even if I simply wish to hear music, I'll load the DVD, set it up to DTS, and then turn off the TV. This is the quality of sound that makes it clear why we don't just have a DVD player hooked straight into the TV, and why we tolerate a room full of speakers. If you can't decode DTS, you are missing a lot with this DVD. \n\nThe DVD has a mini interview / photo shoot where both Knopfler and Harris talk about the project that became their previous album. There are some other nice things included, such as a warm-up session where the players all sit around and play acoustically to get into the mind-set for the show... just a little jam session. \n\nThe actual concert was a nice mix of songs from the Knopfler / Harris album, "All the road running" along with some gems from Knopfler's solo work and even a couple of Dire Straits tunes. Knopfler is not stingy about allowing Harris to sing songs from the back catalog, and some of the duets from even the Dire Straits era sound like they could have been cut for the last project. \n\nA couple of highlights for me: \n\nSong for Sonny Liston: Wow! This track is a real minimalist delight. Mark sits on a chair hits that shuffle and sings. A bit later some drums and an acoustic upright base come into the mix. It is feel, rhythm and story, not flash or superficial fluff. Knopfler takes a verse to solo a bit, but this is also understated, yet great. The base player and Mark play off of each other and then some more vocals. I kept hitting replay on this song when I first saw it. \n\nSpeedway at Nazareth: From "Sailing to Philadelphia", the song is nicely rendered, but I loved the last couple of minutes after the singing was finished. The band is simply fantastic. It is a real team thing here, with the appearance that everyone is soloing at the same time, yet not once is anyone showing off or walking over the next person. The stage is full of world-class musicians that most people could never name, who are so in sync and meshing perfectly. With no visual cue, they all land on one single terminal note and the music stops. It is so nice to see professionals in action. \n\nWhy Worry: This Dire Straits tune becomes an Emmylou Harris song here. It ends the show, and makes you want more. Terrific. \n\nThere are great bits throughout the entire concert. Mark does bring out several guitars and while not playing blinding speed runs, he says more these days with a few very well chosen notes than most people can with a hundred. It was nice to see him with that thumb / claw style of finger picking that has become his signature just serving the song, rather than showing off. At just over an hour and a half, I never felt it was dragging on too long. An overall great show. \n\nO.K. For the record, aside from my comments above about the CD being less important than the DVD, based on the quality, I did listen to the CD all of the way through. It is a first rate music disc in everyway, and will be nice in a car or office CD player if that is the only sound system that can be used. If I am home, the DVD will be my first choice, even for audio-only playback. Again, it has more songs and that 5.1 surround sound from the DTS track makes this a no brainer for me. \n\n\nHalf.com Details \nProducer: Guy Fletcher \n\nAlbum Notes\nPersonnel: Mark Knopfler; Emmylou Harris; Richard Bennett (guitar); Stuart Duncan (mandolin, fiddle); Guy Fletcher , Matt Rollings (keyboards); Glenn Worf (bass instrument); Danny Cummings (drums).
This country cd contains 14 tracks and runs 75min 12sec.
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  1. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - Right Now (04:52)
  2. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - Red Staggerwing (04:53)
  3. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - Red Dirt Girl (04:31)
  4. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - Done With Bonaparte (05:16)
  5. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - Romeo And Juliet (09:13)
  6. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - All That Matters (03:20)
  7. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - This Is Us (05:18)
  8. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - All The Roadrunning (05:20)
  9. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - Boulder To Birmingham (03:39)
  10. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - Speedway At Nazareth (06:59)
  11. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - So Far Away (04:43)
  12. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - Our Shangri-La (07:56)
  13. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - If This Is Goodbye (04:53)
  14. Mark Knopfler And Emmylou Harris - Why Worry (04:09)

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