Emmylou Harris: Elite Hotel CD Track Listing

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Emmylou Harris Elite Hotel (1975)
This country cd contains 12 tracks and runs 43min 40sec.
Freedb: a60a3a0c


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  1. Emmylou Harris - Amarillo (03:07)
    Supporting vocals: Linda Ronstadt, Herb Pederson
  2. Emmylou Harris - Together Again (03:57)
    Supporting vocals: Dianne Brooks, Fayssoux Starling
  3. Emmylou Harris - Feelin' Single -- Seein' Double (02:30)
    Supporting vocals: Bernie Leadon, Herb Pederson
  4. Emmylou Harris - Sin City (03:58)
    Acoustic Guitars: Bernie Leadon, Brian Ahern\nSupporting vocals: John Starling, Herb Pederson
  5. Emmylou Harris - One Of These Days (03:05)
    Acoustic Guitars: Brian Ahern, Emmylou Harris\nSupporting vocals: Jonathan Edwards, Herb Pederson
  6. Emmylou Harris - Till I Gain Control Again (05:37)
    Acoustic Guitars: Rick Cunha, Brian Ahern\nSupporting vocals: Linda Ronstadt, Jonathan Edwards, Fayssoux Starling
  7. Emmylou Harris - Here, There And Everywhere (03:46)
    Acoustic Guitars: Herb Pederson, Brian Ahern\nSupporting vocals: Fayssoux Starling, Dianne Brooks
  8. Emmylou Harris - Ooh Las Vegas (03:44)
    Supporting vocals: Rodney Crowell, Emory Gordy
  9. Emmylou Harris - Sweet Dreams (04:07)
    Acoustic Guitars: Bernie Leadon, Emmylou Harris\nSupporting vocals: Rodney Crowell, Herb Pederson
  10. Emmylou Harris - Jambalaya (03:11)
    Acoustic Guitars: Emmylou Harris, Brian Ahern\nSupporting vocals: Herb Pederson, Fayssoux Starling
  11. Emmylou Harris - Satan's Jewel Crown (03:18)
    Acoustic Guitars: John Starling, Emmylou Harris\nSupporting vocals: John Starling, Fayssoux Starling
  12. Emmylou Harris - Wheels (03:11)
    Supporting vocals: Jonathan Edwards, Herb Pederson

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