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Dixiana Dixiana (1992)
Dixiana was a country band formed in 1986 by brothers Mark (bass/vocals) and Phil Lister (string instruments/vocals), along with keyboardist Randall Griffith and drummer Colonel Shuford. The group was scheduled to appear on Nashville Now when they suddenly lost their original lead singer; fortunately, the Listers' childhood friend Cindy Murphy, formerly a member of the bluegrass Wooden Nickel Band, agreed to be their primary vocalist. The group signed to Epic in 1992 and released their first self-titled album, which contained two Top 40 singles, "Waitin' for the Deal to Go Down" and "That's What I'm Working on Tonight." -- Sandra Brennan, All-Music Guide
This country cd contains 10 tracks and runs 31min 24sec.
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  1. Dixiana - I Didn't Think You'd Care (03:27)
  2. Dixiana - A Heart That Can't Be Had (03:20)
  3. Dixiana - Waitin' For The Deal To Go Down (03:16)
  4. Dixiana - Are You Over Her (03:13)
  5. Dixiana - It Comes And It Goes (03:34)
  6. Dixiana - That's What I'm Working On Tonight (02:38)
  7. Dixiana - I Know Where Therre's One (03:26)
  8. Dixiana - Chain Of Heartaches (03:04)
  9. Dixiana - If I Can't Have You (02:45)
  10. Dixiana - A Little In Love (02:34)

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