Stray Cats: The Story of The Stray Cats CD1 CD Track Listing

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Stray Cats The Story of The Stray Cats CD1 (1991)
Disky Communications Europe B.V.\n\nWM 868202\n\n1996 YEAR: 1991
This country cd contains 20 tracks and runs 62min 16sec.
Freedb: 210e9614


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  1. Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut (03:17)
    io non so se mai si avverer
  2. Stray Cats - Rock This Town (02:40)
  3. Stray Cats - Rebels Rule (03:28)
    guardando il cielo a volte penso che\n\nsia come un enorme computer\n\nqualcosa che fa muovere-le nuvole e poi\n\nle stelle mette in ordine-le stelle su di noi...\n\ned anche un filo d'erba penso sia\n\nqualcosa che diventa prateria\n\ne penso che avr
  4. Stray Cats - Built for Speed (02:55)
    quel che dici quel che sei\n\nche fai vedere agli occhi miei\n\nsar
  5. Stray Cats - Little Miss Prissy (03:02)
    Lasciami qui al buio ancora un p
  6. Stray Cats - Too Hip Gotta Go (02:35)
    No, not Kermit the Frog's ditty, but a humorous look at trying\n\nto maintain environmental co
  7. Stray Cats - My One Desire (02:58)
    io con te ci sto anche bene\n\nnon mi posso lamentare no\n\nsenza lacci n
  8. Stray Cats - I Won't Stand in Your Way (03:30)
    E giocher
  9. Stray Cats - C'mon Everybody (Live) (03:54)
  10. Stray Cats - Fishnet Stockings (02:27)
    Devo meets Rod Serling on the slightly twisted\n\n_Shy Kidneys_, a look at the psychological a
  11. Stray Cats - Runaway Boys (03:01)
    Thin Lizzy Cover
  12. Stray Cats - (She's) Sexy and 17 (03:15)
    Dear God, how have you been, then?\n\nI'm not fine, fuck pretending\n\nAll of this death you're sending\n\nBest throw some free heart mending\n\n\n\nInvite you in my heart, then\n\nWhen done, my sins forgiven?\n\nThis God of minerelaxes\n\nWorld dies I st
  13. Stray Cats - Baby Blue Eyes (02:49)
    Why are we here again\n\nIt's the same ol' sit down roll around\n\nChewed up pen\n\n\n\nNothin' thrilling me too much, yeah\n\nNothing thrilling me\n\n\n\nYeah, so close now\n\nYeah, so close now\n\n\n\nMan, I nearly snapped my twig\n\nThen again I nearly
  14. Stray Cats - Jeanie, Jeanie, Jeanie (02:21)
  15. Stray Cats - You Don't Believe Me (02:58)
    Cool Feet
  16. Stray Cats - Ubangi Stomp (03:14)
    A. Donnen - R. de Buxeuil
  17. Stray Cats - Double Talkin' Baby (03:05)
    W. Goergen - J. Eiffes
  18. Stray Cats - Storm the Embassy (04:08)
  19. Stray Cats - Rumble in Brighton (03:15)
    R. Bernard
  20. Stray Cats - Gonna Ball (03:15)
    - Baby, baby, balla, balla\n\n- Let's go to the hop\n\n- Paper plane (instr.)\n\n- Red river

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