The Browns: The Three Bells - Disc 4 of 8 CD Track Listing

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The Browns The Three Bells - Disc 4 of 8 (1993)
Compilation Originally Released December 14, 1993\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: Eight CDs and over 240 songs is overkill, except that there's a lot worth hearing here. Disc One opens in 1954 with Jim Ed and Maxine Brown's debut recordings for the Fabor label, including "Looking Back to See," which was successful enough to get them a touring slot with a young Elvis Presley. The sound, while primitive in comparison to their subsequent RCA recordings is very pleasing, with bright harmonies and simple, straightforward accompaniment. As soon as they got to RCA , their sound bloomed -- the textures of the instruments became more vivid, with the "voices" of the guitars nearly as crisp as those of the singers themselves. By this time, they were one of country music's great mixed harmony groups, and were applying those vocal talents to bluesy numbers, as well as softer country and bluegrass material. "The Three Bells" was the massive hit that turned the trio toward pop material in 1959. Their repertory on Disc Three was broadening to include more overt folk material and pop standards. By the time of Disc Four, Hank Garland and John D. Loudermilk were playing most of the guitar, though Atkins was still producing, and the results remained impressive. Disc Five is dominated by a brace of inspirational tunes cut for their Little Brown Church Hymnal album, and also includes their cover of "They Call the Wind Maria," one of Jim Ed Brown's best performances. Disc Six is probably the only 1964-vintage archive to feature songs by Hank Snow and Bob Dylan coming from the same outfit. Discs Seven and Eight leave the group at the end of their time as a trio, prior to Bonnie's retirement late in 1967 -- highlights include a ton of beautifully sung country, pop, and folk numbers. -- Bruce Eder\n\nCD Connection.com Review\nThis 8-CD set contains the complete recordings of the Browns from 1954 through 1967. It also includes a 40-page book with detailed session info, pictures and biographies.
This country cd contains 32 tracks and runs 78min 8sec.
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  1. The Browns - Lonely Little Robin (03:14)
  2. The Browns - The Wayward Wind (02:22)
  3. The Browns - The Old Village Choir (02:01)
  4. The Browns - High Noon (03:27)
  5. The Browns - Lavender Blue (02:46)
  6. The Browns - Blues In My Heart (02:09)
  7. The Browns - Chandelier Of Stars (02:16)
  8. The Browns - The Whiffenpoof Song (02:26)
  9. The Browns - Blue Christmas (02:13)
  10. The Browns - This Land Is Your Land (02:03)
  11. The Browns - In The Pines (02:20)
  12. The Browns - Brighten The Corner Where You Are (02:03)
  13. The Browns - Greenwillow Christmas (02:03)
  14. The Browns - Remember Me (02:32)
  15. The Browns - The Twelfth Of Never (02:18)
  16. The Browns - Nevada (02:53)
  17. The Browns - Where Was I (When We Became Strangers) (02:16)
  18. The Browns - You're So Much A Part Of Me (02:04)
  19. The Browns - Revenge (02:29)
  20. The Browns - The Bandit (02:44)
  21. The Browns - Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (02:17)
  22. The Browns - Down In The Valley (02:29)
  23. The Browns - Shenandoah (02:43)
  24. The Browns - Columbus Stockade Blues (01:59)
  25. The Browns - Clementine (01:59)
  26. The Browns - Poor Wayfaring Stranger (02:18)
  27. The Browns - Ground Hog (02:15)
  28. The Browns - Poor Wildwood Flower (02:20)
  29. The Browns - Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet (02:41)
  30. The Browns - John B. Sails (02:26)
  31. The Browns - My Pretty Quadroon (03:05)
  32. The Browns - Down On The Old Plantation (02:42)

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