The Volebeats: Bittersweet (EP) CD Track Listing

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The Volebeats Bittersweet (EP) (1995)
c 1995 Third Gear\n\nMatthew Smith - Producer \nChris Taylor - Engineer \nKeir McDonald \nJeff Oakes - Producer \nRussell Ledford
This country cd contains 6 tracks and runs 23min 14sec.
Freedb: 40057006


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  1. The Volebeats - I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More... (04:40)
    Review\n\nA six-song EP, Bittersweet contains well-written and pleasing country/folk songs with Oakes and Smith's vocals delivering the same pure and unpretensious charm that made Up North such a great record. The arrangements are simple, but affecting; p
  2. The Volebeats - Angel (02:29)
    The Volebeats\n\nBorn in and around the Motor City in 1988, the Volebeats formed due to a mutual boredom of and displeasure for trendy bands and music. Starting as an acoustic outfit, lead guitarist/vocalist Matthew Smith and vocalist/guitarist Jeff Oakes
  3. The Volebeats - Same Old You (03:42)
  4. The Volebeats - If You Won't Tell Me (03:25)
  5. The Volebeats - Goodbye (04:46)
  6. The Volebeats - Last Time I Saw Her (04:07)

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