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Jimmy Buffett Ballads (1992)
1992 Magaritaville Records/MCA
This country cd contains 19 tracks and runs 74min 24sec.
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  1. Jimmy Buffett - Come Monday (03:08)
    Come Monday\n\n"So this is a song for all of you who've been with us for all of the years we've been doing this. And we'll also do it for all you people that weren't alive when this song was a hit. It's called Come Monday." \n\nHeadin' up to San Francisco
  2. Jimmy Buffett - Defying Gravity (02:42)
    Defying Gravity\n\n\nBy: Jesse Winchester \n1975 \n\nI live on a big round ball \nI never do dream I may fall \nAnd even one day if I do \nWell I'll jump up and smile back at you \n\nI don't even know where we are \nThey tell me we're circlin' a star \nWe
  3. Jimmy Buffett - Survive (04:49)
    Survive \nBy: Jimmy Buffett, Mike Utley \n1979 \n\nI play the stereo loud \nWhen I'm away from the maddening crowd \nSmokin', jokin' \nClowns we all are \n\nSometimes, kinda get real ill \nWhen I receive my monthly telephone bill \nBut you say it, and I'l
  4. Jimmy Buffett - Incommunicado (03:41)
    Incommunicado\n\n\nBy: Jimmy Buffett, Deborah McColl, M.L. Benoit \n1980 \nFor the Duke and Travis McGee \n\nTravis McGee's still in Cedar Key \nThat's what ol' John MacDonald said \nMy rendezvous's so long overdue \nWith all of the things I've sung and I
  5. Jimmy Buffett - I Heard I Was In Town (03:38)
    I Heard I Was In Town \nBy: Jimmy Buffett, Michael Utley \n1981 \nFor the people of Key West \nPast, present and future \n\nCame to see friends \nWalk old streets again \nGrab a bite and a beer by the sea \nIt caught my attention \nThe old town has grown
  6. Jimmy Buffett - Ballad Of Spider John (04:28)
    Ballad of Spider John \nBy: Willis A. Ramsey \n1974 \n\n"Spider John" is my name friend \nI'm in between freights and I sure would be obliged \nIf you'd share your company \n\nI know this may sound strange to you \nBut if you wait till the song is sung an
  7. Jimmy Buffett - Little Miss Magic (04:02)
    Little Miss Magic\n\n\nBy: Jimmy Buffett \n1980 \nFor "The Noop" \n\nConstantly amazed by the blades of the fan on the ceiling \nThe clever little glances she gives me can't help but be appealing \nShe loves to ride into town with the top down \nFeel that
  8. Jimmy Buffett - California Promises (03:40)
    California Promises \nBy: Steve Goodman \n1983 \n\nBeneath the moonlit sky \nShadows walk beside the water \nSad goodbye whispered on the shore \nHear those wind chimes play \nThey serenade the shadow lovers \nRing and fade away \nLike California promises
  9. Jimmy Buffett - If The Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me (03:27)
    If The Phone Doesn't Ring It's Me \n1985 \n"The time spent writing about the intensity involved in trying to \nkeep love together is short; but the endless research can kill you." \n\nThere are oceans of feelings between us \nCurrents that take us and swe
  10. Jimmy Buffett - African Friend (04:01)
    African Friend \nBy: Jimmy Buffett \n1978 \n\nDisembarking at Duvalier Airport \nSeeking transportation to town \nAs the purple ink dried on his passport \nHe could still feel the eyes look around \n\n"Messieur ou y est casino?" [ Do you know where the ca
  11. Jimmy Buffett - Everlasting Moon (03:55)
    Everlasting Moon\n\n\nBy: Jimmy Buffett, Matt Betton \nRecorded live 1990 on the Feeding Frenzy tour \n\n-- Spoken: \n"This is a little song called Everlasting Moon about what some people did to preserve the environment." \n\nThe sky revealed the rumor \n
  12. Jimmy Buffett - Pre-You (05:17)
    Pre-You\n\nPre-You \nBy: Jimmy Buffett, Ralph MacDonald, William Salter \n1988 \nI was standing in an elevator in San Diego listening to two sailors talking. One had just returned from his honeymoon where he had run into his ex on the beach. The other sai
  13. Jimmy Buffett - Middle Of The Night (03:15)
    Middle of the Night\n\n\nBy: Jimmy Buffett, Michael Utley, Will Jennings, Art Neville \n1983 \n\nMiddle of the night \nHold on till morning \nWe will see the light \nLove is spawning \nMiddle of the night \nHold on forever \nWe'll know when it's right \nA
  14. Jimmy Buffett - Coast Of Marseilles (05:02)
    Coast Of Marseilles \nBy: Keith Sykes \n1977 \n\nI sat there on the coast of Marseilles \nMy thoughts came by like wind through my hand \nHow good it'd be to feel you again \nHow good it'd be to feel that way again \n\nWould you be remembering me? \nI ask
  15. Jimmy Buffett - Island (03:55)
    Island\n\n\nBy: Jimmy Buffett, David Loggins \n1980 \nFor Jane \n\nIsland I see you in the distance \nI feel that your existence \nIs not unlike my own \nIsland they say no man is like you \nThey say you stand alone \nSometimes I feel that way too \nIt's
  16. Jimmy Buffett - He Went To Paris (03:30)
    He Went To Paris\n\n\nBy: Jimmy Buffett \n1973 \n\nHe went to Paris lookin' for answers \nTo questions that bothered him so \nHe was impressive, young and aggressive \nSavin' the world on his own \n\nBut the warm summer breezes \nThe French wines and chee
  17. Jimmy Buffett - Stars Fell On Alabama (04:14)
    Stars Fell On Alabama\n\n\nBy: Mitchell Parish, Frank Perkins \n1934 \nFor all the crooners and swooners wherever they may be \n\nMoonlight and magnolias, starlight in your hair \nAll the world a dream come true \nDid it really happen, was I really there
  18. Jimmy Buffett - Changing Channels (03:31)
    Changing Channels \nBy: Jimmy Buffett, Mac McAnally \n1989 \n\nGirl of a thousand faces \nFrom a long line of basket cases \nDaughter of a fortune teller \nOh the lovely Isabella \n\nChorus: \nShe's changing channels \nStayin' on her toes \nShe's just cha
  19. Jimmy Buffett - Twelve Volt Man (03:59)
    Twelve Volt Man \nBy: Jimmy Buffett \n1983 \nFor "Nez" and Baja Bill at Alphonsino's \n\nI never got a grip on penmanship \nCould never make the small "L's" flow \nSeldom found the trick to arith-a-metic \nThree plus two be faux, pas \n\nBut ask for some

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