Dixie Chicks: Wide Open Spaces CD Track Listing

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Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces
This country cd contains 13 tracks and runs 47min 23sec.
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  1. Dixie Chicks - I Can Love You Better (03:56)
    Doo-n-doo Ooh-ooh-ooh \nYeah-ee-yeah \nShe's got you wrapped up in her satin and lace \nTied around her little finger \nShe's got you thinking you never can escape \nDon't you know your heart's in danger \nThere's a devil in that angel face \nIf you could
  2. Dixie Chicks - Wide Open Spaces (03:45)
    Who doesn't know what I'm talking about\nWho's never left home who's never struck out\nTo find a dream and a life of their own\nA place in the clouds, a foundation of stone\n\nMany precede and many will follow\nA young girl's dreams no longer hollow\nIt t
  3. Dixie Chicks - Loving Arms (03:39)
    If you could see me now\nThe one who said that she'd ride alone\nThe one who said that she'd rather be alone\nIf you could only see me now\n\nIf I could hold you now\nJust for a moment if I could really make you mine\nJust for a while turn back the hands
  4. Dixie Chicks - There's Your Trouble (03:14)
    Should have been different, but \nIt wasn't different, was it \nSame old story \nDear John and \nSo long \nIt should have fit like a glove \nIt should have fit like a ring, Like a \nDiamond ring \nToken of \nTrue Love \n\nShould have all worked out but i
  5. Dixie Chicks - You Were Mine (03:39)
    I can't find a reason to let go\nEven though you've found a new love\nAnd she's what your dreams are made of\nI can find a reason to hang on\nWhat went wrong can be forgiven\nWithout you it ain't worth living... alone\n\nSometimes I wake up crying at nigh
  6. Dixie Chicks - Never Say Die (03:58)
    Lyin' next to you in the dark\nI can feel your beating heart\nYou've been here beside me through the test of time\nWe've both had our share of doubts\nWaited out those ole storm clouds\nBoy it's nights like this that I know why\nLovers like you and me wil
  7. Dixie Chicks - Tonight The Heartache's on me (03:28)
    You could've heard a pin drop\nWhen they walked through the door\nI had to turn my eyes away\nMy heart fell to the floor\nSomeone whispered, Where's her halo?\nCause she had an angel's face\nHe stood there smiling holding on to the\nOne that took my place
  8. Dixie Chicks - Let 'Er Rip (02:52)
    I can tell there's something you\nDon't wanna tell me\nIt's killing you cause the words\nAre hard to find\nI know you want to break it to me gently\nWell sweet baby say what's on your mind\nCHORUS\nLet'er rip,\nLet it fly\nCome on baby say it, do you thin
  9. Dixie Chicks - Once You've Loved Somebody (03:30)
    I should go out tonight\nGet on with my life\nBreak these chains of solitude\n\nWith a little luck and a little help\nI might even find myself\nIn the arms of someone new\n\nOnce you've loved somebody\nIt ain't that easy to do\nOnce you've loved somebody\
  10. Dixie Chicks - I'll Take Care of You (03:42)
    Times are hard and rents are high\nWhat can a working girl do\nBut struggle through another day\nThen I'll take care of you\nNights are long and dreams are cold\nIf they're all you wake up to\nBut should you rise with cryin' eyes\nI'll take care of you\nS
  11. Dixie Chicks - Am I The Only One (Who's Ever Felt This Way) (03:27)
    There is no good reason\nI should have to be so alone\nI'm smothered by this emptiness\nLord, I wish I was made of stone\nLike a fool I lent my soul to love\nAnd it paid me back in change\nGod help me, am I the only one\nWho's ever felt this way\n\nA hear
  12. Dixie Chicks - Give it up or Let me go (04:58)
    Well I told your pretty baby\nSuch a long time ago\nIf I found you with another\nWell, I'd walk right out your door\nWoh, your might call me crazy\nThere's one thing you should know\nWell, if you want me to love you\nGot to give it up or let me go\nI know
  13. Dixie Chicks - Can't Hurry Love (Bonus Track) (03:06)
    I need love, love to ease my mind\nI need to find, find someone to call mine\nBut mama said you can't hurry love\nNo, you'll just have to wait\nShe said love don't come easy\nIt's a game of give and take\nI can't hurry love, no, you'll just have to wait\n

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