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Hank Williams, Jr. Strong Stuff (1983)
Originally Released 1983\nCD Edition Released 1987 ??\nCurb's ''Original Classic Hits'' CD Edition Released March 14, 1995\n\nAMG EXPERT REVIEW: N/A\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nA perfect Southern boy CD,it's a classic, March 2, 2007 \nBy J. Owens "poolrider" (TEXAS,USA)\nIn the early 80's, the hard rock band I was in listened to this during our "personal" time, away from everybody else,just to get our heads all in the right place. \nEvery song is good, it's classic Hank Jr. and the ZZ Top and Skynyrd covers are done with reverence. If you like Hank Jr. at all, you gotta have this one. \n\n\nAMAZON.COM CUSTOMER REVIEW\nStrong stuff indeed, April 27, 2005 \nBy P D Harris "Pete the music and horse racing fan" (Leicester England)\nWith two covers of ZZ Top songs (the moody Blue jean blues and the hard-rocking La Grange) and one cover of a Lynyrd Skynyrd song (Made in the shade), Hank delivers one of his finest albums. Gotta go hunting tonight and Leave them boys alone (featuring Ernest Tubb and Waylon Jennings) were the big country hits but they aren't any better than the other tracks here, all of a very high quality. \n\nThe first three tracks rock hard. The pace drops after that but the quality doesn't. Particularly worth mentioning are The homecoming queen (a touching song about Hank's love for his woman), Two dot Montana (about some trouble Hank was in - fictitious, I hope) and In the arms of cocaine (about drug addiction). \n\nThis is in many ways typical of Hank's albums - many originals with a few well-chosen covers - but there are some great songs here. If you enjoy Hank's music, you'll enjoy this album. \n\n\nHalf.com Details \nProducer: Hank Williams, Jr., Jimmy Bowen \n\nAlbum Notes\nThis is part of Curb's Bocephus series.\n\nHis Rowdiness is in fine form on STRONG STUFF, an album that tilts a little more heavily to the Southern rock side of Williams' musical personality. The inclusion of two Z.Z. Top covers (the John Lee Hooker-ish "La Grange" and "Blue Jean Blues" gives away the game.\n\n"A Whole Lot of Hank" is a tribute to Williams' dad, perhaps included in lieu of the usual cover of one of Williams Sr.'s hits. Other highlights include the groupie ballad "The Girl in the Front Row at Fort Worth" and the self-referential, ain't-we-Outlaws epic "Leave Them Boys Alone," featuring vocal assists from Waylon Jennings and country legend Ernest Tubb.
This country cd contains 10 tracks and runs 37min 4sec.
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  1. Hank Williams, Jr. - Gonna Go Huntin' Tonight (02:36)
  2. Hank Williams, Jr. - La Grange (05:21)
  3. Hank Williams, Jr. - A Whole Lot Of Hank (02:55)
  4. Hank Williams, Jr. - Made In The Shade (04:35)
  5. Hank Williams, Jr. - Leave Them Boys Alone (03:36)
  6. Hank Williams, Jr. - The Girl In The Front Row At Fort Worth (02:38)
  7. Hank Williams, Jr. - The Homecoming Queen (04:22)
  8. Hank Williams, Jr. - Blue Jean Blues (04:07)
  9. Hank Williams, Jr. - Twodot Montana (02:39)
  10. Hank Williams, Jr. - In The Arms Of Cocaine (04:07)

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