Maslanka: A Child's Garden Of Dreams, Symphony No 2 CD Track Listing

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Maslanka A Child's Garden Of Dreams, Symphony No 2
University of Massachusetts/Amherst Wind Ensemble\nMalcolm W. Rowell, conductor
This classical cd contains 8 tracks and runs 65min 24sec.
Freedb: 520f5208


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  1. Maslanka - A Child's Garden Of Dreams - I. (04:19)
    There is a desert on the moon where the dreamer sinks so deeply\ninto the ground that she reaches hell.
  2. Maslanka - II. (04:15)
    A drunken woman falls into the water and comes out renewed and sober.
  3. Maslanka - III. (03:07)
    A horde of small animals frightens the dreamer.\nThe animals increase to a tremendous size, and one of them devours the little girl.
  4. Maslanka - IV. (09:39)
    A drop of water is seen as it appears when looked at through a microscope. The girl sees\nthat the drop is full of tree branches. This portrays the origin of the world.
  5. Maslanka - V. (08:20)
    An ascent into heaven, where pagan dances are being celebrated;\nand a descent into hell, where angels are doing good deeds.
  6. Maslanka - Symphony No 2 - I. Moderato (11:07)
  7. Maslanka - II. "Deep River" (09:30)
  8. Maslanka - III. Allegro Molto (15:03)

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