Various Artist: Classics For Meditation - Disk One CD Track Listing

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Various Artist Classics For Meditation - Disk One (2003)
This classical cd contains 7 tracks and runs 64min 3sec.
Freedb: 5b0f0107


: Music



  1. Various Artist - Joaquin Rodrigo / Concierto de Aranjuez (10:24)
    Adiagio\nOrquestra Sinfonica Venezuela\ncond: E.A. Marturet Machado
  2. Various Artist - Anton Bruckner / Symphony No.4 in E flat major (14:44)
    Andante qusi Allegretto\nORF Symphony Orchestra\ncond: Milan Horvat
  3. Various Artist - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Symphony No.41 in C K551 Jupiter (09:27)
    Andante cantabile\nLondon Philharmonic\ncond: Alfred Scholz
  4. Various Artist - Edvard Grieg / Piano Conerto in A minor op. 16 (06:05)
    Adagio\nMarian Lapsansky, Piano\nSlowak Phil. Orchestra.\nCond: Bystrik Rezucha
  5. Various Artist - Frederic Chopin / Noctume in B flat minor (05:24)
    Andante\nPeter Schmalfuss, Piano
  6. Various Artist - Feilx Mendelssohn Barthodly / Oh Haupt voll Blut and Wunden (06:08)
    Andante\nMotet Choir Pforzheim\nSouthwest German Chapber Orch\nSouthwest German Wind Soloist\ncond: Rolf Schweizer
  7. Various Artist - Antonin Dvorak / Symphony No. 9 in E minor op.95 (11:45)
    Largo \nSlovak Philharmonic Orchestra\nCond: Libor Pesek

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