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Maurice Ravel Ravel Plays Ravel (1995)
Maurice Joseph Ravel (1875-1937)\nRavel Plays Ravel\n\n1. Boliro\n2. Pavane pour une infante difunte\n3. La vallie des cloches, No. 5 from Miroirs suite for piano\n4. Toccata from "Le tombeau de Couperin"\n5. Gaspard de la nuit; No. 2 Le Gibet\n6. Oiseaux Tristes No. 2\n\ncopyright 1995 Delta Music Inc.\nSanta Monica, CA 90404\n\npublished as 14 201 under the label LaserLight
This classical cd contains 6 tracks and runs 41min 47sec.
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  1. Maurice Ravel - Bolero (15:30)
  2. Maurice Ravel - Pavane pour une infante difunte (05:51)
  3. Maurice Ravel - La Vallee des Cloches (Valley of the Bells), No. 5 from Miroirs Suite for Piano (05:53)
  4. Maurice Ravel - Toccata from "Le Tombeau de Couperin" (04:51)
  5. Maurice Ravel - Gaspard de la Nuit. No. 2. The Gibbet (Le Gibet) (05:16)
  6. Maurice Ravel - Oiseaux Tristes (Sad Birds) No. 2 (04:20)

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